Construction Information

Road Repair and Street Safety

The following are several Road Repair and Street Safety related projects currently being developed with construction anticipated to begin in 2017:

  • Chip Seal Program on the west side of Flagstaff
    • Construction anticipated to start spring 2017
  • Overlay Program on the west side of Flagstaff
    • Construction anticipated to start spring 2017
  • Lockett Rd. (Patterson Blvd. to Fanning Dr.) - Project Manager: Trevor Henry, (928) 213-2684,
    • Lockett Road has been paved and crews are currently working on minor concrete edge improvements, including utility adjustments. 
    • All of the underground water, storm drain and pavement stripping work has been completed. 
    • Full time traffic control was removed on December 11th. Isolated temporary traffic control setups will be used on Lockett Road as various tasks take place. 
    • Mountain Line bus routes will return to Lockett Road the week of December 18th. 
    • The goal is finalize the project by the end of December. 
  • Zuni Dr. (Lake Mary Rd. to Open Channel) - Project Manager: Randy Groth, (928) 213-2683,
    • Zuni Dr. has been paved and crews are currently working on the dual storm water pipes and the associated outlet structure at the east end of the project.
    • Unisource is in the process of relocating some gas services and meters east of Kofa. Upon Completion of the Unisource effort, the completion of the dual storm water pipe will take place. 
    • All of the underground sewer and water work has been completed and the majority of edge improvements are finished. 
    • Full time traffic control will be removed by the end of this week. Temporary traffic control will be set up at Zuni Drive as various tasks take place. 
    • Mountain Line bus routes should return to Zuni the week of December 18th. 
    • The goal is to complete all work by the end of January 2018. 
  • Beaver St. (Columbus Ave. to Birch Ave.) - Project Manager: Eli Reisner, (928) 213-2679,
    • Completed a majority of the utility improvements Columbus to Birch and majority of the road way improvements from Columbus to Elm. Completed storm drain improvements on Sullivan and Hunt from Beaver to Humphreys. 
    • Final roadway improvements to take place during the spring of 2018 are needed on Hunt from Beaver to Humphreys, on Elm from Beaver half a block towards Humphreys, and on Beaver south of Elm. 
    • Beaver St. – Will temporarily open to traffic December 22 through February 19 
      • Two lanes will open for southbound traffic.
      • Occasional single lane closures may occur from Tuesday through Thursday.
      • Connecting side streets will be open for traffic flow across Beaver Street, except for Dale.
      • NAIPTA bus route #2 will continue operating temporarily on Humphreys Street.
  • Dale Ave. (Humphreys St. to Agassiz St.) - Project Manager: Eli Reisner, (928) 213-2679,
      • Planned utility improvements for January include: installation of utility improvements between Humphreys and Beaver, between Beaver and Leroux and between San Francisco and Agassiz. 
      • Roadway improvements for January include: curb, gutter and sidewalk replacements starting at Humphreys and working east. 
      • The road will be closed from Humphrey's to Leroux, but will allow southbound traffic across Dale at Beaver and Leroux. The road will also be closed from San Francisco to Agassiz starting around the middle of January. 

Please check back periodically for construction updates.
Here is an interactive map with Road Repair and Street Safety project information.

Additional information, including the status of Street Reconstruction Projects

Maps of the scheduled improvements and reconstruction projects can be found on the City’s website: Link to Maps
Notification & keeping you informed:

Residents and businesses have been notified of the work and project signs are up. The public should expect traffic impacts in all areas throughout the week. The much needed road repairs will likely result in some temporary traffic restrictions, noise and dust. Every attempt will be made to maintain access to businesses and residences. The City apologizes for any inconveniences caused by the work. We appreciate the community’s investment in our critical infrastructure and the public’s cooperation. This work is scheduled for daytime hours and City contractors and instructed to keep impacts as minimal as possible. Please note that construction areas inherently have many hazards as a result citizens and visitors should stay clear of construction sites. Signs are posted warning people not to enter the construction area in order to keep pedestrians and bicyclists from getting too close to work activities and deter the passerby who might be curious about the project from entering the space after work hours. Follow the posted signs to keep yourself safe and avoid an accident.
This work is part of the voter approved Prop 406 dedicated sales tax for road repair and street safety improvements, more than $100 million of infrastructure improvements scheduled to be completed over the next 20 years.
The City is committed to keeping our promise to our citizens to touch every street in Flagstaff and to keep everyone informed on the status of the project work. The City will send updates to local media, and will post these updates on the City website at, and on the City Facebook page.