Retirement & Deferred Compensation

Arizona State Retirement System

Employees are members of the Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS). ASRS is a state agency providing retirement benefits, long-term disability benefits and other benefits to employees of the state, counties, municipalities, universities and community colleges, school districts and other political entities.

For further information about the ASRS retirement system, please visit the ASRS website.

Public Safety Personnel Retirement System
Commissioned police and fire personnel are members of the Public Safety Retirement System. All employees, except commissioned fire personnel, contribute to Social Security.

Deferred Compensation
Benefit eligible employees may elect to contribute to either of two 457 Deferred Compensation retirement plans through payroll deduction, subject to an annual maximum. The plan is a supplement to the retirement plan provided by Arizona State Retirement System and Public Safety Personnel Retirement System.

Contributions are made through convenient payroll deductions, so your taxes are reduced each pay period. Our plan allows you to increase, decrease, stop and restart contributions as often as you wish, without fees or penalties, subject to the employer's approval.

If you are age 50 or older, or within three years of your normal retirement age and already contributing the maximum to the plan, you are allowed to make additional "catch-up" contributions.

The deferred compensation plan is portable. If you change jobs, you can consolidate your savings in another public sector employer's 457 plan, a qualified 401(k) or a 403(b) annuity plan, or a traditional IRA. If you retire or leave service, there is no penalty for withdrawals.

The City currently offers two deferred compensation plans through the following companies:
    Stephanie Downes - Retirement Plans Specialist
    1 (877) 439-1144
  • VOYA
    Kaity Wigman - Financial Representative
    (928) 853-0940

The representatives are on-site at City Hall occasionally for individual appointments with employees and retirees. Human Resources sends out announcements when appointments are available. Employees are encouraged to contact the representatives at any time with questions about your account, or to obtain information that may assist you in making decisions about your investments.

VOYA Appointments - VOYA representative Kaity Wigman will be scheduling visits on an on-going basis. Emails will be sent when new appointments are available, or you can click the link above to check on the next scheduled date. Click Here to check available appointments (CityNET access required).

Appointments - ICMA representative Stephanie Downes will be here soon. Watch for updates! Click Here to check available appointments (CityNET access required).

Social Security

Click here to watch the Social Security seminar.