Flagstaff's first Climate Action and Adaptation Plan

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As part of the Flagstaff City Council's goal to take meaningful climate action, City staff will work with community members, local businesses, and partner institutions to develop Flagstaff's first Climate Action and Adaptation Plan.

The Flagstaff Climate Action and Adaptation Plan will:

  • Be a community plan, informed by the input and priorities of Flagstaff residents.
  • Help Flagstaff residents, neighborhoods and businesses prepare for and adapt to changes in our climate.
  • Set goals to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions while providing community benefits.
  • Identify actions that will save money, protect community assets, and ensure quality of life amidst change.
  • Be unique to Flagstaff’s unique economy, indigenous and scientific communities, and climate.
  • Be developed from a foundation of equity and the enhancement of community well-being.
  • Encourage action by the City, businesses, institutions, non-profits and residents.

This list was developed by a group of stakeholders who were interested in crafting the plan, who met this spring. This group developed goals for how we engage Flagstaff residents, incorporate different types of information, and make this plan unique to Flagstaff.

To learn more about what Climate Action and Adaptation Plans are, you can view resources here.

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Climate Plan Steering Committee

A Steering Committee of community members and City staff will guide the development of the Climate Plan.

Visit the Steering Committee page to learn more about the Committee's role and their upcoming meetings.


Climate Action by City Council

The Flagstaff City Council has set a 2017-2019 goal to take meaningful climate change action, which will strengthen our community, improve health, and help Flagstaff prepare for the future.

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