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Stacy Saltzburg, CMC
Deputy City Clerk
Ph: (928) 213-2077

The City Council uses every opportunity to establish community participation programs to allow for citizen involvement and input.  Boards, commissions, and committees are created to allow Flagstaff citizens to take an active role in City government. The members of the City's boards and commissions, and most committee members, are appointed to three-year terms by the City Council unless a different term length is set by law.

All City board and commission members must be residents of Flagstaff at the time of their appointment and for the full duration of their term.
Appointments are approved at public meetings and individuals are selected solely at the discretion of the City Council.

To view information on a specific Board, Committee, or Commission click on the corresponding link below.

Airport Commission
Audit Committee
Beautification and Public Art Commission
Board of Adjustment
Building and Fire Code Board of Appeals
Commission on Diversity Awareness
Commission on Disability Awareness
Flagstaff Housing Authority
Heritage Preservation Commission
Industrial Development Authority
Library Board

Open Spaces Commission
Parks and Recreation Commission

Personnel Board
Planning and Zoning Commission
Public Safety Personnel Retirement System
Self-Insurance Trust Fund Board
Sustainability Commission
Tourism Commission
Transportation Commission
       -Bicycle Advisory Committee
       -Pedestrian Advisory Committee
Water Commission

*Below is the general monthly schedule of Board & Commission meetings; for detailed agendas refer to the commission links above*