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All Forms
Board/Commission 1 Form
Forms Board/Commission Application

Bushmaster Park 1 Form
Forms Suggestions for Bushmaster Park

Community Development 7 Forms
Forms Application for Temporary Sign Permit
Forms Graffiti Busters Permission to Enter Property
Forms Graffiti Busters Report Graffiti
Forms Graffiti Busters Volunteer Form
Forms Neighborhood Registration Form
Forms Temporary Sign Use Form
Forms Thank you!

Epayment Forms 4 Forms
Forms $100 Water Load Station Refill Request
Forms $25 Water Load Station Refill Request
Forms $50 Water Load Station Refill Request
Forms Utility Account Activation Request

Flagstaff Urban Trails System 2 Forms
Forms Walking and biking survey - long
Forms Walking and biking survey - long

Mayor Council Email 1 Form
Forms Contact Councilmember Jeff Oravits

Planning and Development Services Section Code Compliance Survey 1 Form
Forms Code Compliance Survey

Police Department 1 Form
Forms Flagstaff Police Department-Citizen Commendation/Complaint Form

Public Works 7 Forms
Forms City Hall Meeting Room Rentals
Forms HPC/SBWP Comments/Questions and Request Form
Forms Public Report of a Facility Maintenance Problem
Forms SBWP Generator Certification
Forms SBWP Thank you
Forms Sidewalk Replacement
Forms Thank you, FM

RequestTracker Forms 35 Forms
Forms Bulk Trash Collection
Forms City Management
Forms Commercial Trash & Recycling Collection
Forms Container Repair
Forms Curb and Gutter Repair
Forms Dead Animal Complaint
Forms Drainage
Forms Event Litter / Trash
Forms Event Noise
Forms Event Parking
Forms Facilities
Forms Flooding
Forms Glass Collection
Forms Graffiti
Forms Great Event
Forms Irrigation
Forms Litter Control
Forms Mayor & Council
Forms New Container Delivery
Forms Other Concern (No Tracking)
Forms Parks Maintenance
Forms Positive Feedback
Forms Pothole
Forms Public Drunkenness
Forms Residential Trash & Recycling Collection
Forms Road Repair
Forms Sidewalk Repair
Forms Snow Operations
Forms Storm Drain Blocked
Forms Street Sweeping
Forms Temporary Trash Containers
Forms Traffic and Street Lights
Forms Traffic Concerns
Forms Traffic Vision Obstructions
Forms Website Feedback

Survey 1 Form
Forms Website Redesign Survey

Transportation 1 Form
Forms Traffic Service Survey

Utility Services Forms 5 Forms
Forms Customer Service
Forms Paperless Billing Setup
Forms Recover PIN
Forms Utility Account Mailing Address Change
Forms Utility Account Termination Request