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High Efficiency Toilet Rebate
OverviewWater Conservation
The rebate program for high efficiency toilets (HET), turf removal and rain water harvesting tanks of 1,000 gallons and greater is available once again for ALL City of Flagstaff water customers, including residential, commercial and industrial sites. If you have questions about the rebate program, please call Robin Harrington with the water conservation section directly at (928) 213-4837. You can also e-mail the water conservation section for more information and specific questions. Check our website for applications for these rebates as well as more information.

For more home energy saving upgrades, apply for a residential energy retrofit program today! See information and an application provided by the Flagstaff Sustainability Program.

Reduce Your Water Bill While Saving on Fixture Costs
The Toilet Rebate Program was created to enhance the efficiency of indoor water use by Flagstaff water customers. Installing water efficient fixtures will help reduce your water bill in addition to saving valuable drinking water supplies. All of these fixtures are available in a wide range of colors and styles from local plumbing supply stores and through licensed plumbers. Researching the cost and performance of the various designs before you buy will help you obtain a fixture that meets your needs.

You can see the efficiency performance of each model of toilet. Those with a 1,000 rating are the most efficient at cleaning the bowl.