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Conservation Education
Educational InformationBe Resourceful
Educational information (Conservation KITs and Recycling Tours) are provided by the Willow Bend Environmental Education Center to ensure the best opportunity for teachers and students to continue learning about their environment. Conservations KITs include many activities that teach about subjects like:
  • Natural resources
  • Conservation of those resources
  • Recycling
  • Ecology
  • Worm Composting
  • Waste management practices / plans
  • Sustainability

All KITs have been correlated to assist in meeting the AZ State Science Standards. The conservation KITs may be reserved for a specified period of time and picked up at:
Willow Bend Environmental Education Center
703 E. Sawmill Rd
Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Ph: (928) 779-1745

Educational Tours
Funding may be available for buses through the Sustainability and Environmental Management Section. When a bus is scheduled from Flagstaff Unified School District for students to tour the Cinder Lake Landfill, Hazardous Products Center, or Materials Recovery Facility, transportation costs may be paid for by the City.

Funding is limited, please check with the Community Sustainability Specialist at (928) 213-2153.

Cinder Lake Landfill and/or Hazardous Products Center
Guided tours of the Landfill and the Hazardous Products Center are offered. These tours can be given in conjunction with one another or separately based on your needs. To schedule either option, please call the Cinder Lake Landfill at (928) 527-1927 or the Hazardous Products Center (HPC) at (928) 527-9005.

Material Recovery Facility
Guided tours are provided by the staff at the Willow Bend Environmental Education Center. Please call (928) 779-1745 to schedule a facility tour.