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Program Description
The Beautification Program utilizes Bed, Board & Beverage (BBB) Tax revenues efficiently and effectively to create, enhance, and preserve the sense of place, the built and natural environment, of Flagstaff. Working with community groups and the Beautification & Public Art Commission, this program generates enhancement projects such as streetscapes; landscaping, including community gardens; enhanced traffic and transportation features; and other small and large community projects that provide community planning and aesthetics consistent with the high standards defined by Flagstaff’s public policy.

Beautification Programs

Project Maintenance
In order to preserve the community’s investment in beautification, ongoing maintenance of these projects is overseen by this program. Currently City of Flagstaff crews are maintaining over fifty acres of enhancement landscaping. Recently, "Two-Spot the Train" has been repainted for preservation under the oversight of this program.

Beautification Projects
Butler High Country Conference Center Median
This project involved enhancing the design of the pedestrian barrier and median on Butler Avenue in front of the conference center. Located at one of Flagstaff’s most heavily used intersections and near our newest destination, the log and stone barrier and use of native plants reflects the best of Flagstaff’s character for locals, as well as visitors.

City Gateway Signs
Welcoming visitors at three significant locations at City entrance points, stone, log, and iron signs being the City's name were installed. Readable during the day and night, these signs require no electricity and have a very long maintenance interval, reflecting the sustainable goals of the City.

La Plaza Vieja Gateway
Collaborating with the neighborhood, a City-owned vacant property at the intersection of Clay Avenue and Milton Road was enhanced with boulders, landscaping, and neighborhood signage. Since this is an installation that will be impacted by the flood control associated with the Rio de Flag, most of the work was performed by professional and private volunteers and was thus accomplished at very little public cost.

Route 66 Billboards & Landscaping
One of the first projects carried out using the BBB funds, in several phases, billboards along Route 66 were purchased and removed. They were replaced by significant landscaping and a trail as part of the Flagstaff Urban Trail System. Not only does this project beautify the community and provide an alternative transportation mode, it provides an effective screen for the industrial zone.

Southside Streetscape Improvements
Construction has been completed on much needed streetscape enhancements along Beaver and San Francisco Streets in the Historic Southside Neighborhood. The work includes pedestrian amenities, street lights, street trees, and public furniture, including artistic bicycle racks. The project implements the Southside Plan prepared by Moules Polyzoides in 2001.
U.S. 89 Landscaping and Medians
This important City gateway sees Grand Canyon and Reservation visitors, as well as people visiting the many national monuments and parks north and east of the City. The project features a context sensitive and a low maintenance design and uses native plants. As well, it is an important link in the Flagstaff Urban Trail System, connecting the City trail system to the County trail system.

Woodland / Beulah Medians [Coming Soon]
Greeting visitors from the south and west of the City, this project involves installing landscaping, other beautification features, and pedestrian amenities in the medians along Woodlands and Beulah Boulevards. Construction is expected to start in the spring of 2011.

Beautification Document Center