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Wildcat Hill
Wildcat Hill Wastewater Treatment PlantWildcat Hill Wastewater Treatment Plant
The City's Wildcat Hill Plant is a six-million gallon-per-day advanced wastewater treatment facility. The process uses screening, primary sedimentation, bio-filtration, secondary sedimentation, disinfection and filtration. Effluent from the plant is used for irrigation, dust suppression and other approved uses in Flagstaff or discharged into the Rio de Flag.

The facility also treats the sludge generated from the Rio de Flag Wastewater Plant in west Flagstaff as well as its own. Methane gas, generated from the process, is used to power equipment and reduce electrical power usage. The plant is capable of generating enough standby power to operate indefinitely in case of a power failure.

Wildcat Hill Wastewater Treatment Plant
2800 N. El Paso Road
Flagstaff, Arizona 86004

 IFAS           Wildcat Hill Wastewater Treatment