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Regional Plan Amendments
Proposed Amendments
City staff identified numerous text and map clarifications after using the Regional Plan for policy and development review this past year. A task list of proposed amendments was developed and presented to Council in June 2015, and is available within the FRP30 Proposed Amendments Staff Report.

For more information about the proposed amendments or the upcoming Regional Plan annual report please contact Sara Dechter, AICP Comprehensive Planning Manager at .

The FRP30 is a comprehensive policy document; however, it may be necessary to amend the Plan as time passes to address current market needs or potential for development outside the original parameters of the Plan.

Comprehensive planning staff provides detailed review of proposed plan amendments, and can assist applicants in determining which type of amendment may be required. A regional plan amendment application may be obtained on the Current Planning web page. Planning staff is available to help guide applicants through the amendment process.

Amendments to the FRP30 are categorized as either major or minor, each requiring specific processing steps, as set forth in Title 11, Chapter 11-10 of the City Code. A breakdown of what is considered a major or minor amendment is described below, as well as in the Regional Plan Amendment Processes Table.

Major Plan Amendment proposals, if approved, are changes that would create a substantial alteration of the municipality’s land use mixture or balance as established in the municipality’s existing General Plan land use element. Arizona Revised Statutes (ARS) require all major amendments to the General Plan to follow the process below.

  • All applications for Major Plan Amendments to the General Plan shall be heard by the Council at a single public hearing during the calendar year in which they are filed. In order to provide sufficient time for comprehensive review of an application for a Major Plan Amendment, the Director shall determine the application date each year for Major Plan Amendment requests. The following typical submittal dates apply:
    April 1st – Pre-application meeting deadline;
    May 1st – Application deadline for completeness review of the application by the Review Authority;
    July 1st – Application deadline for submittal of the final application;
    October – Planning Commission public hearings commence; and
    December – Council public hearing. 
  • Incomplete applications or applications submitted after the July 1st
    deadline established above will not be processed. 

Minor amendments to the General Plan may be presented at any time of the year, and may be applied for concurrent to a rezoning request. The minor plan amendment application is available through the Current Planning webpage.