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Arts & Science
This program involves the selection and installation of public art and funding for cultural arts within the community. Program staff works with the Beautification & Public Art Commission for public art and with Flagstaff Cultural Partners for cultural arts. The Arts & Science fund utilizes dedicated Bed, Board, & Beverage (BBB) Tax Revenues to support the operations of local arts, science, and cultural organizations, and their projects.
Programs & Grants
Descriptions of current public art programs and available grant funds.

Arts & Science Grants
Through this grant program, local nonprofit organizations are supported by the City in their efforts to enrich the lives of our community and our visitors, through quality arts, cultural and science programs. Grant funding is provided via contractor, Flagstaff Cultural Partners, and overseen by program staff. Information on Arts & Science grants can be obtained at the Flagstaff Cultural Partners website.
Funding is now available for art, cultural, and scientific programs in the City of Flagstaff that occur between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013. Nonprofit organizations established in the State of Arizona may apply for general operating support or for support for a specific project. Funds will only go to programs and organizations that provide a direct public benefit to residents of and visitors to the City of Flagstaff, Arizona.
Grants for these funds are made through the Art & Science Fund Grant Program at Flagstaff Cultural Partners. The deadline for grant applications is March 29, 2012. This is not a postmark date; applications must be received in Flagstaff Cultural Partners' offices by this date. 
Indoor Art Program

Public art includes an indoor art program at City-owned facilities, including City Hall, the Adult Center, the Pulliam Airport Terminal building, and the Aquaplex. Displays for Fiscal Year 2013 are coming soon.  A Call-to-Artists for the Program will be issued in August 2012.

Outdoor Art Program
The City periodically purchases and installs permanent outdoor art pieces at various locations throughout the City. Typically, the pieces are solicited through a call-to-artists process and juried by the Beautification & Public Art Commission. You can view the locations of the outdoor art pieces on the City of Flagstaff Public Art Map, copies of which are available at City Hall, Flagstaff Visitors Center, Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce, and Flagstaff Cutural Partners.  You can preview the map by clicking on Flagstaff Public Art Map.

Arts & Science Projects
Information on recent and current art and science programs in the City of Flagstaff

Centennial Wall Mural
As part of a designated Legacy Project for the Arizona Centennial Celebrations of 2012, the City will be seeking submissions for a mural design and creation along 100 feet of wall creating an enduring depiction of significant aspects of Flagstaff’s history over the past 100 years. The mural will be located at the Flagstaff Visitor Center along a portion of the Flagstaff Urban Trail System (FUTS) where both residents and visitors from around the world will have a chance to view the piece.

Mountain Lion Project
Currently underway and managed by the Coconino Coalition for Children & Youth, the Mountain Lion Project is instituted by Flagstaff PAWS (Promoting Assets with Sculpture), which is based on the 40 Developmental Assets identified by the Search Institute as the opportunities and resources that children and youth need to succeed in life. This project is a unique collaboration of artists, youth, social service professionals, and businesses that, when completed, will result in the installation of 40 life-sized mountain lion sculptures to Flagstaff. Several of these sculptures are already located in the Flagstaff area, specifically in Wheeler Park (across from City Hall) and at the Aquaplex. Each sculpture represents one of the Developmental Assets, is sponsored by a local organization or business, and is decorated by a local artist in conjunction with a group of local youth. The result is a display throughout Flagstaff communicating the City’s commitment to our children and youth. Information on the Mountain Lion Project can be obtained at the PAWS website.

Southside Bicycle Racks
As a part of the Southside Streetscape Project, the community and the Beautification & Public Art Commission sought, selected, and obtained various artistic bicycle racks. These include various designs that celebrate the history and artistic character of the Southside and yet provide a functional piece of street furniture. The bike racks were installed with the streetscape improvements.
Summit Avenue Mural
This neighborhood initiated project installed a sunflower mural on the retaining wall that is the terminus of Summit Avenue. In addition to adding to the community art collection, the project dramatically beautified a neighborhood element. In addition, the project was fully designed, planned, and installed by the neighborhood in a community workshop format.

The City of Flagstaff has issued a Call to Artists for the Phoenix Avenue Mural Project.  For more information CLICK HERE.

Arts & Science Document Center