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Street Maintenance
Street Maintenance

Richard Hearne - Streets Manager, (928) 213-2165


Street Maintenance is responsible for the safe passage of all City-owned streets. The Street Section maintains 660 lane-miles of asphalt streets and 28 lane-miles of dirt roads. The City is not responsible for maintenance on state roadways.

In order to have street problems repaired as quickly as possible, please call or email us if you notice problems with any of the following:
  • Potholes
  • Drainage Problems and Shoulders
  • Grading of Dirt Roads
  • Guardrail Repairs

Street Maintenance Personnel
  • Jeff Castro               
  • Tim Chadwick               
  • David Crockett                              
  • John Hansen               
  • Jullian Milligan - Streets Supervisor
  • Richard Montoya 

  • Gilbert Romero              
  • Travis Rowden                               
  • Robert Saltzburg
  • Jon Scheuler               
  • Mike Stress - Streets Supervisor  
  • Chris Wissen