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Street Maintenance
Street Maintenance Program
The Street Maintenance Program includes street overlay, chip seal and crack sealing construction to preserve and maintain existing asphalt street and parking lot pavements. The contract work also includes removal and replacement of curb returns and sidewalks at many locations on the streets overlaid to bring these streets into compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). Traffic signal detection modifications may be required where the work disturbs existing detection equipment. Utility adjustments and pavement marking are also included in the work.

The goal of the Street Maintenance Program is to use the available funds in the most efficient manner to lengthen the service life of the City street pavements and avoid costly pavement reconstruction. The ADA improvements provide improved access for disabled citizens and visitors along existing streets and provide compliance with Federal requirements.

Plan sheets showing which streets will be re-paved and which streets will be chip sealed will be posted when the work program has been determined for 2014.


Street Maintenance is responsible for the safe passage of all City-owned streets. The Street Section maintains 634 lane-miles of asphalt streets and 28 lane-miles of dirt roads. The City is not responsible for maintenance on state roadways, except for 89N from Fanning to Trails End and East Route 66 (behind the mall).

In order to have street problems repaired as quickly as possible, please call or email us if you notice problems with any of the following:
  • Potholes
  • Drainage Problems and Shoulders
  • Grading of Dirt Roads
  • Guardrail Repairs

Street Maintenance Personnel
  • Mark Apodaca
  • Travis Black
  • Jeff Castro
  • Tim Chadwick
  • David Crockett 
  • Mark Forrest  
  • Jullian Milligan
  • Richard Montoya
  • Joseph Moore
  • Gorge Pryer 
  • Robert Saltzburg 
  • Michael Stress