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Public Records
Susan Alden
City Records Coordinator

City of Flagstaff
211 W Aspen Ave.
Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Ph: (928) 213-2066
Fax: (928) 214-2415

Serving You
Requests for Public Records
The City Clerk’s Office is responsible for handling formal public records requests. While the Freedom of Information Act does not apply to non-federal public agencies like the City of Flagstaff, the Arizona Public Records Law does. A.R.S. § 39-121.03 states that any person may request to examine or be furnished copies and that the custodian of such records shall promptly furnish such copies. As such, requests for records are treated with priority.
It is important to understand that public agencies are not required to create documents in order to respond to a request. Consequently, you are entitled to source documents in the City’s possession, but not documents that are not in the City’s possession or would have to be created in order to comply with a request. The time it takes to respond to your request will depend on its complexity, volume, and nature.

The Arizona Revised Statutes also grant public agencies authority to charge a reasonable copying fee for records if copies are made and to require payment in advance for the copies. It is the City of Flagstaff’s policy to require payment in advance before copies are made. Once the information has been located, you will be notified of the cost. Most records may be examined at no cost unless they contain confidential information which is required to be protected by law. If redaction is required, the options will be discussed at that time. For questions concerning requests for records or the associated fees, contact City Records Coordinator Susan Alden.

Records Requests
Public records requests are categorized as informal (general requests for information) or formal (requests submitted under the Arizona Public Records Law [A.R.S. § 39-121.03]). Within those categories, the requests are broken out into non-commercial and commercial. Use the following guidelines to help you determine what category your request falls under:

Commercial Requests
To request commercial records, complete the Commercial Purpose Request Form and submit it to City Records Coordinator Susan Alden. All commercial requests must be accompanied by a completed, signed, and notarized Commercial Purpose Request Form. Contact Susan Alden with questions or for more in depth information. Commercial requests include:  
  • Records for sale or resale
  • Requests for purposes of solicitation for monetary gain
  • Requests for any other purposes for which monetary gain can be anticipated

Non-Commercial Informal Requests
For a non-commercial informal request, contact the appropriate division. These requests may include:  
  • Convenience copies
  • Requests for copies in the everyday course of business
  • Requests for copies of your personal information or activities for personal use
  • Courtesy copies of information from a specific City department, division, program or section
Media and Formal Requests under the Arizona Public Records Law
For a formal public records request, please submit a Non-Commercial Request Form and submit it to City Records Coordinator Susan Alden.
All media requests are handled through either the City Clerk’s Office or the City’s Public Information Officer and are handled as formal record requests. Media and formal requests may include:
  • Media Requests
  • Requests specified as “Freedom of Information Act” or other public records law requests
  • Requests for records spanning multiple City departments, divisions, programs, or sections
  • Requests for voluminous / lengthy records
  • Subpoenas for records