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Program Goals and Objectives
Program GoalsBe Resourceful
  • Implement a comprehensive Sustainability Plan that promotes the mission and vision of the Flagstaff Sustainability Program and supports the Flagstaff City Council priorities.
  • Promote the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the Flagstaff community as outlined in Resolution 2006-59.
  • Provide resources to the City of Flagstaff and Flagstaff community to integrate sustainability in every day decision making.

Program Objectives
  • Adhere to sustainability guiding principles.
  • Identify innovative strategies to engage the Flagstaff community and encourage awareness, responsibility, education and participation.
  • Provide accountable and accurate sustainability and climate management resources.
  • Improve public awareness, trust and accurate understanding of the Flagstaff Sustainability Program’s mission and vision.
  • Incorporate accountability, accessibility and transparency in all Flagstaff Sustainability Program initiatives.
  • Adhere to the goals of the US Mayors Climate Protection Agreement.
  • Increase cross sector partnerships to build a more sustainable Flagstaff.
  • Increase recognition for the Flagstaff Sustainability Program’s mission, goals and accomplishments.
  • Increase renewable energy opportunities for the municipality.
  • Work with all City Departments to incorporate sustainability and climate management in all policies, procedures and programs.
  • Facilitate change toward sustainability.
  • Increase political support of sustainability initiatives.