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Swim Lesson Descriptions

Swimming skills are complicated and can be challenging for anyone to learn. You should expect your child to make progress each session. However, it may take a child several sessions to learn all the skills for each level. In swim lessons, there is no pass or fail. What is most important is that children are very comfortable and  confident and that there is progress.

Parent Tot Aquatics (Ages 6 months– 3 years old)
Parent-Tot Classes are for children 6 months to 3 years old with an adult or chaperone 14 year old or older in the water.

                 Skills taught in this class include:

·         Exploration of the water

·         Blowing bubbles

·         Beginning  leg and arm movements

·         Floating while incorporating songs and games to engage your child.

Preschool Aquatics (Ages 4-6)
Preschool Aquatics is designed for children 4-6 years old.  In all levels, instructors will present additional safety skills and messages.

             Preschool A
             In Level A, skills include:

·         Submerging mouth, nose, and eyes               

·         Floating on front and back supported

·         Gliding on front and back supported     

·         Changing positions from front to back supported (Roll Over)

·         Alternating and simultaneous leg and arm movements supported

     Preschool B
   In Level B, skills are performed with little or no support and are similar to Level 1 designed for preschool aged children.  Instructors 
   teach children to improve coordination of combined simultaneous arm and leg action.

    This level includes skills such as:

·         Touching the bottom of the pool in 1-3ft.

·         Opening eyes underwater and picking up submerged object

·         Floating on front and back unsupported

·         Gliding on front and back unsupported

·         Alternating or simultaneous arm movements

 Swimming Lesson Levels
Each level includes exit skills assessments that put together many of the skills learned in the level.  In all levels, instructors will present additional safety skills and messages. 

             Level 1 - Introduction to Water Skills (Ages 6-8)

        Skills in Level 1 include:

·         Front and back glide for 2 body lengths with minimal support

·         Combined arm and leg action on front and back for at least 5ft with minimal support

·         Start learning breath control– roll over breathing

        Level 2 – Fundamental Aquatic Skills (Ages 8-10)

        Skills in Level 2 include:

·         Front and back glide for three body lengths unsupported

·         Combined arm and leg action on front and back for 15 feet  unsupported

·         Start learning side breathing with leg and arm action

·         Elementary Back Stroke


             Level 3 – Advanced Aquatic Skills (Ages 10-12)
             The Objective of Level 3 is to start building coordinated strokes. 

             Skills include:

·         Front  Crawl with side breathing for 20 yards

·         Back Crawl for 20 years

·         Dolphin Kick

·         Breaststroke Kick

Stroke Development (Ages 12 & Up)
Skills include: Front crawl, Back stroke, Breaststroke, Elementary Back Stroke , and Side Stroke for a minimum of 25 yards; dolphin kick (butterfly kick); for minimum of 15 yards  and open turns on back and front.

Stroke Refinement (Ages 12 & Up)
Participants refine their performance of all the strokes (front crawl, back crawl, butterfly, breaststroke, elementary backstroke and sidestroke) and increase their distance.  Flip turns on the front and back are introduced.

Pre-Swim Team (Ages 12 & Up)
Participants work on building endurance in all the stroke and learning the training regiment of a swim team including stroke and breathing drills.  Participants train to swim 500 yards using combined strokes.