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Employee Information

The information contained in this page and its subpages pertains to City of Flagstaff Employees only.

What's Happening in Human Resources
Human Resources is always abuzz with new things happening! Here are a few of the most recent:


  • Need help entering your Wellness Points? The deadline to enter your points is May 31st! Check out this instructional video for help entering your points.
  • New NAPEBT Wellness Video Check out the streamed presentations for a new video worth 1 wellness point. 

  • Affordable Care Act Notice and Letter To view the notice and letter regarding the new Marketplace Exchange, click here.  For more information on the Marketplace Exchange Open Enrollment, please visit www.HealthCare.gov.

  •  Are you taking advantage of the Aquaplex Discount?  See flyer for details.

  • Have you heard about the new volunteer process?  It was announced in Leadership in June, so if you haven't heard, or have questions about the new process, ask Dean in Risk Management (213-2082).  If you need the forms, please visit the HR Forms webpage.

  • The NAPEBT Wellness Program has ended for the cost savings in Plan Year 2014.  The City of Flagstaff had the most participants (451), yea for us!  The program will not experience changes for Plan Year 2015, so you can begin accruing your points on July 1, 2013.  The forms are available for download and information is available through www.flagstaff.az.gov/incentive.  Watch your first check in July to ensure you are not charged the $10/pay period if you completed the program.  If you did complete the program and you are charged, please bring proof of completion (i.e. a printout showing you completed 15 points) to Human Resources as soon as possible.  Shannon and Katie (NAPEBT Wellness Coordinator) will be holding employee meetings and feedback surveys about the wellness program; watch for additional information in your email.
  • Vacancy Request Form: the Authorization to Fill form and the Justification Form have been replaced with the Vacancy Request Form. The recruitment process is the same, we are simply trying to simplify the necessary paperwork. Please download and use the latest form.

  • Supervisors: Have you updated your evaluation form yet? Be sure to download the new form, which includes the Job Description Acknowledgement as well as a revised Section 1. If you use a department-specific form, add the Job Description Acknowledgement and new cover page to your form. Job Descriptions are available through the Human Resources webpage. Visit the Forms page (link on the left) to download the latest revision.

Employee Discounts
Have you checked out our Employee Discounts page? We have an amazing selection of discounts that are offered to City Employees - from vacation tickets to apartment rentals to computer purchases. We have added discounts for local and online retailers such as Kickstand Cafe, Ski Haus, Red Envelope, Overstock.com and Brookstone. There are also discounts for apartment rentals, gym memberships, Sam's Club, vacation tickets, and much, much more!

Be sure to browse through the page (click the link on the left) to see what offers are available - you never know when you might be able to use one of them! And if you are aware of a discount that is not listed, please email us so we can post it.

City ID Cards
Is your City ID Card expired? Did you move to a new position?If so, complete the City ID Card form, which will automatically be submitted to HR. If we already have your photo on file (we only have photos from October, 2007 forward) we will create your ID card and let you know when it's ready for pick-up. If we do not have a photo on file, we will send you an email asking you to stop by to take one. (If you do not stop by within two weeks after receiving the email, you will need to submit a new request.) If you have any questions about your City ID Card, contact us at (928) 213-2090 or ext. 2090.

Forms Updates
We have been busy updating many of our forms. Use QuickLinks (on the right) to access the most commonly used forms, or the "Forms" link on the left to see a list of all forms available. Below is a list of forms updated recently. If you use one of these forms, please be sure you update your supply.