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Climate Adaptation and Management
Resiliency and PreparednessBe Resourceful
Ensuring health and safety for the Flagstaff community today and in the future requires that the City be a leader and take action to prepare its operations for weather related impacts. The impacts of weather affect our local economy, natural environment and community's well being.

As climate and related extreme weather conditions change, Flagstaff is beginning to innovate in independent and original ways to prepare. As a leader, the City of Flagstaff is a local government critically concerned with drought, forest and watershed health, and the larger issues of sustainability.

City of Flagstaff Resiliency and Preparedness Study
The City’s Resiliency and Preparedness Study focuses on understanding how the impacts of weather directly affect governmental operations and what can be done to be prepared.

Local governments are on the front lines of managing the impacts associated with natural hazards, ranging from increased drought (straining water and forest resources) to increased flooding (straining stormwater management infrastructure) to more extreme heat and weather events (putting lives and property at risk). By prioritizing protection and preparedness, the City can improve local service delivery and reduce risk to natural hazards. Focusing on resiliency and preparedness can help prepare the City of Flagstaff for climate and weather related impacts while protecting the City’s critical resources and positioning the City for continued prosperity.

The City completed a study that assesses the level of vulnerability, the degree of risk and the potential impacts of 115 of the City’s critical operations that are already impacted by weather. Completed by a team of City staff and regional partners, the Study recommends an overarching policy aimed to increase protection and resilience within government operations to hazards including fire, severe winter storms, drought, floods, etc.

Are YOU Prepared?
READY! COCONINO is a program to ensure that citizens are fully prepared to handle emergencies and disasters. Be prepared and sign up today!

Step 2. BE READY - Have a GO KIT and STAY KIT

For more emergency preparedness information visit: Coconino Emergency Management

City of Flagstaff Emissions Reports

Greenhouse gas emission reporting helps identify what types of actions the City, together with the community, can take to reduce its energy use, fuel consumption and waste. Reporting is essential in addressing GHG emissions, creating a tool to measure future progress and allowing the City to understand the scale of emissions from various sources.