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Employee Recognition

City of flagstaff

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Award types:

The employees of the City of Flagstaff strive to provide excellent customer service in every program and service we provide to each other and to our community. While customer service is expected of each of us, there are some employees that go beyond our expectation and achieve the extraordinary in service delivery and customer satisfaction. To recognize those individuals and to hold them up as examples, employees may be presented with one of the City Manager’s Excellence Awards. Since the City’s slogan/motto is “Service at a Higher Elevation” the awards were named after the highest points of the San Francisco Peaks.

The Humphrey
is the highest award and will be given to one employee each year that exemplifies all of the values of the City to an extraordinary degree.
The Agassiz award will be given to an individual or group that provides an outstanding example of at least one of the values of the City.
The Fremont award will be given to an individual or group excelling in at least one of the Values of the City.
City Manager's Excellence Awards Policy
City Manager's Excellence Awards nomination form

QSI (Quality Service Increase) -
A QSI provides recognition to those employees whose performance substantially exceeds an acceptable level of competence and has sustained this level of performance over a period of time is eligible for this award. Tenured employees are eligible for no more than one step increase and exempt employees are eligible for not more than the average merit increase that tenured employees receive.
QSI policy
QSI Nomination form

WOW (Wonderful Outstanding Worker) -
Wonderful Outstanding Worker increases are intended to provide immediate recognition to those employees whose skills, knowledge, or conduct exemplify the City’s values of reliability, responsiveness, professionalism, teamwork, and problem solving.
WOW policy
WOW Award nomination form

7K -
7K awards recognize employees who have provided excellent customer service (beyond normal working expectations) and have supported the mission and values of the City of Flagstaff.
7k Award nomination form

On the Spot awards allow city employees to recognize one another throughout the year. There are five different awards in order to give the nominator a variety to pick from and the ability to nominate individuals whenever they feel the duty performed deserves recognition.  Employees are eligible to receive multiple awards throughout the year.

Above & Beyond *
High Five * You Got Caught Making a Difference * You Rock * You’re an Essential Piece

Employees are eligible to receive the following awards for service which is administered through the Human Resources Division:

5 years – employee receives a City pin
10 to 35 years - in five-year increments – an employee is eligible to choose from a catalog any item of their choice.

Awards Pyramid.gif

Nomination Process:

 For the following awards, employees are nominated by their supervisor or someone in city leadership:

  • City Manager’s Excellence Award
  • QSI Award

For the following awards, employees can nominate other employees:

  • WOW Award
  • 7K Award
  • On the Spot Award

For the following award, employees receive based on years of service:

  • Service Award