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Employee Advisory Committee
The purpose of the Employee Advisory Committee is to foster better relations between employees and management to allow a process and forum to recommend changes to employment-related rules, policies, procedures, compensation and benefits.

Please contact your Employee Advisory Representative for any concerns or comments you would like to express. Below is a list of your EAC Represtatives with phone numbers and email contact information provided. You can also send us an email.

Adding Items
Do you have an item you would like to be placed on the EAC Agenda? If so, please contact your EAC Representative to have the item placed on the agenda or you may fill out the Agenda Request Form and return to your EAC Representative or Human Resources.

EAC Goals and Objectives for FY 2010 / 2011
Below is a list of of goals the Employee Advisory Committee has reviewed and would like to achieve for FY 2010/2011:
  • Communication to all employees
  • Continue EAC Forums
  • Compensation
  • Benefits
  • No increase in premiums
  • Restoration of Lost Benefits/Compensation
  • Triggers to restore benefits/compensation
  • Disability Benefit Enrollment
  • Implementation of the Compensation Study

EAC Long Range Goals
  • Pay to stay the same
    • No pay cuts
  • Increase employee pay and restore lost benefits
  • Increase services to former levels
  • Keep employees equitable

Compensation Triggers Summary
A goal developed during the FY12 budget development was to restore the 1.2% employee pay cut included in the FY10 City budget as soon as fiscally possible. During the past few months, City Leadership, in conjunction with the Employee Advisory Council, developed a plan for the restoration of the pay cut. The plan is based on adjusted increases in actual sales tax revenues to adjusted budgeted sales tax revenues. City staff has identified certain “triggers,” or criteria, that sales tax revenues must meet in order to restore all, or a portion of, the 1.2% pay cut.

See attachments Compensation Triggers Presentation and Compensation Triggers Sample Spreadsheet. FY 13-14 there are three compensation triggers 1) Maintenance Workers and Equipment Operators, 2) Library Reorganization and 3) Commissioned Police Structure Phase II.  The FY 13-14 January Triggers Spreadsheet with the numbers through September are now posted.  Please note the City's Sales Tax budget numbers have not been updated yet because we are waiting for a full quarter to be filed.