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El Paso Trail
FUTS logoAbout the Trail
Connects Highway 89 with Route 66 through the Flagstaff Mall commercial area, along the north side of Marketplace Drive and the west side of Mall Drive. Numerous numerous side streets and driveways cross the trail.

Highway 89/North 89 FUTS Trail to Route 66/Route 66 FUTS Trail


0.5 mi | 0.8 km

Concrete: 100 percent of the trail (0.5 mi | 0.8 km)

Easy grades: 98 percent of the trail has grades of less than 5 percent
Moderate grades: 2 percent of the trail has grades between 5 and 10 percent (50 ft | 15 m)
Steep grades: None of the trail has grades between 10 and 15 percent
Very steep grades: None of the trail has grades of more than 15 percent
Maximum grade: 6 percent

Low point: 6815 ft | 2077 m
High point: 6859 ft | 2091 m
Elevation range: 44 ft | 13m
Cumulative elevation gain/loss: 61 ft | 19 m

Along the Way
Mountain Line Transfer Center
Christensen Elementary School

Intersecting Trails

Future Plans
The trail will continue west to connect to existing Forest Service trails at the base of Mt. Elden.

El Paso Trail
El Paso Trail