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Flagstaff Bicycle Commuter Survey 2010
Survey coverAbout the Survey
The Flagstaff Bicycle Commuter Survey was conducted in spring of 2010 in conjunction with Flagstaff’s ninth-annual Bike to Work Week, as a cooperative effort by the City of Flagstaff, the Flagstaff Metropolitan Planning Organization, and Flagstaff Biking Organization.

A survey of bicycle commuters was undertaken to collect information about bicycling in Flagstaff, including who cyclists are, how they ride, and what motivates or discourages them from riding; and to identify what works for cyclists in Flagstaff and what needs improvement.

The on-line survey form was available on the City’s website from April 27 through May 28, 2010. A total of 304 completed, non-duplicate surveys were submitted.

Key Findings
  • Survey respondents tend to be more advanced cyclists.
  • Survey respondents are also frequent bicycle commuters.
  • Infrastructure for bicycles, especially FUTS trails and bike lanes, is very important to bicyclists.
  • Respondents are generally not deterred by weather or winter.
  • Facilities for bicycles, including FUTS trails and bikeways, were rated well.
  • Bicycle parking is adequate for the most part, although there is room for improvement.
  • Keeping bike lanes and FUTS clear of snow, ice, cinders, and debris is an on-going problem
  • When respondents made suggestions for improvements to specific locations, downtown Flagstaff and Milton Avenue were most often cited.

View the 2010 Flagstaff Bicycle Commuter Survey Summary Report.