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Tire Recycling
Tire Recyclingtirepicturefromflier.gif
Recycling and reusing tires helps to beautify our neighborhoods and city. Rather than being tossed in empty lots or left on the side of the road, tires can be reused. Tires that have been collected in Flagstaff and Coconino County are transported to Crumb Rubber Manufacturers (CRM) in Phoenix. CRM recycles scrap tires to manufacture crumb rubber, the main ingredient used in rubberized asphalt for resurfacing roads and highways. By creatively reusing tires, we can create something from nothing—form and function from waste.

Where Can I Recycle My Tires?
To learn where you can recycle your tires, hours of operations and costs (if applicable), please visit the Coconino County Waste Tire Yard or call Coconino County Solid Waste at (928)526-2735.