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Reclaimed Water
Where Reclaimed Water Is UsedWater Conservation
The City of Flagstaff's wastewater treatment operations produces high-quality recycled, or reclaimed, water, which is applied to offset the use of drinking water. The range of applications of reclaimed water include irrigation of parks and golf courses, industrial use, toilet flushing, residential lawn and garden watering, snow making and habitat along the Rio de Flag. Water quality of reclaimed water is closely regulated by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality and the Environmental Protection Agency. Reclaimed water is one of the City's most significant water conservation tools. Over 2,000 acre-feet of reclaimed water is directly used each year. New customers continue to come on line as water is available. For perspective, 1 acre-foot of potable (drinking) water typically serves 4 homes in Flagstaff in one year.

High quality Class A+ reclaimed water is produced by the City’s Rio de Flag Reclamation Plant. Treated effluent from the Rio Plant supplies most public schools and parks, cemeteries, public landscapes, and residences. The City's Wildcat Hill Wastewater Treatment Plant has delivered reclaimed water to the Continental County Club's golf courses for decades.

City Reclamation & Wastewater Treatment Plants

Helpful Documents

Every line in the Reclaimed Water Agreement must be filled in before an account can be issued.  There are 24 types of use listed on page 2 of the Agreement.  You will need to select at least one of these uses.  Here are some helpful hints for filling out the Reclaimed Water Agreement form listed above:

     Location of Use - if you have several sites, please list "various".  If you just have 1 site, please list that address.
     Intended Use - if it is being sprayed on a road please circle "Dust Control" on page 2 of the Agreement form.
     Quantity applied per day - estimate the amount you will use per day or weekly based on the size of your truck and how much you haul.
     Disposal plan for excess reclaimed water - what do you plan to do with any that is left over?  If you plan to use it all, simply indicate
     "none left".

You also need to sign the last page for the "Buyer/User Authorized Officers or Agents".

If you have any questions, please contact Debby Valencia at or call her at (928) 213-2407.