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How much paint do I need?
First Consider Waste Reduction:Painting
  1. Only buy the amount of paint needed to finish the project, then there will be no paint for disposal.
  2. Purchase smaller samples instead of using whole quarts for color samples. Partial latex samples can be dried out or solidified. Learn how...
  3. Use the paint calculator below or an online paint calculator (courtesy of King County Solid Waste Division) to figure out how much paint you need. Paintcare.org also has a paint graph to assist with determining how much paint is needed.

  1. Determine the total square feet (sq. ft.) of each area to be painted.
    1. For each wall multiply the height x width
      Height_______ ft. x width________ ft. = ___________sq. ft.
    2. For each ceiling, multiply the length by the width
      Length_______ ft. x width________ ft. = ___________sq. ft.
  2. Add the total square feet for all the walls and ceilings to be painted.
    1. A + B = __________ total sq. ft.
  3. To determine the number of gallons of paint needed for one coat, divide the total sq.ft. by 350. (Typical gallons cover 350-400 sq. ft.)
    1. Total sq. ft. (sum from C) _________ / 350 = _________ gallons of paint.