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Water Resources Master Plan
The purpose of the overall Water Resources Master Plan is to provide the City’s Utilities Division guidance for long-term planning, quantify the needs of water resources and determine the necessary water, wastewater and reclaimed water infrastructure needed over time. The objective of the master plan is to collect, analyze and provide information in one location in order to provide the most cost effective, reliable service to the City’s utility customers. The master plan will be broken into five chapters with the first discussing water resources and water production, identification of long-term water needs and providing recommended options and their respective costs for consideration. Only the first chapter is completed in draft form. Chapters Two through Four are planned to describe the existing water, wastewater and reclaimed infrastructure systems, develop performance criteria based upon hydraulic modeling and, lastly, to project the necessary infrastructure needed over time and at build-out (i.e., pipelines and treatment capacity). Chapter Five is planned to consist of a comprehensive set of formal water policies adopted by the City Council. View the Executive Summary draft of the report. View a draft of the full report. You can also see a presentation of the Utilities Integrated Master Plan. (This presentation may take a minute to download.)