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Wellness Program

Your Health

in Your Hands

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NAPEBT Employee Wellness Program
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Important Dates to Remember

  • Begin accruing points June 1, 2014
  • Begin entering points in online Points Tracker: July 1, 2014
    (Use July date for activities completed in June)
  • Deadline to complete activities: May 31, 2015
  • Deadline to enter all activities in online Points Tracker: May 31, 2015

  1. Complete the Biometric Screening
    1. Choose a free screening through HealthWaves at a NAPEBT Location or your personal physician
      1. For NAPEBT Screenings:
        1. No co-pay required.
        2. See schedule below for dates/locations.
        3. Appointment is REQUIRED. Visit https://pickatime.com/client?ven=11605476 to schedule.
        4. Choose fasting (water and meds okay) SMAC 30 Chemistry Panel or non-fasting Fingerstick.
          1. SMAC 30 provides more thorough results. (Only available July - Dec.)
          2. Fingerstick provides immediate results.
        5. For your Personal Physician:
          1. For your convenience, there is a Biometric Screening Results form below.
          2. An office copay may apply.
      2. KEEP YOUR RESULTS!! You will need them for Step 2.
    2. Level 1 - Complete the My BluePrint Health Risk Assessment.
      1. It is your responsibility to ensure you have completed the HRA and received your Wellness Score.
      2. PRINT your Wellness Score as proof of completion!
      3. Access the HRA through www.azblue.com.
      4. Completion of the HRA will earn 7 points and complete Level 1. This earns you a $120 discount off your annual premium.
    3. Level 2 - Complete additional activities
      1. To Complete Level 2 you need an additional 8 points (for a total of 15 points) of additional activities to earn an additional $120 discount off your annual premiums, for a total of $240 off or $20 per pay period.
      2. Activities are listed on the Wellness Activities & Point Distribution Sheet, available for download at the bottom of this page. All activities other than Biometric screening and HRA are optional - choose as many activities as you like, just remember you must complete at least 8 total points from the "Health & Wellness Programs", "Wellness Challenges" and "Local Wellness Activities" categories.
      3. Any activities not completed through AZBlue.com can be completed any time between June 1, 2014 and May 31, 2015.
      4. All activities (including AZBlue.com activities) must be completed and points entered by May 31, 2015.
      5. To see ways to earn additional points, click HERE 
    4. Level 3 - Complete additional activities
      1. To complete Level 3 you need an additional 10 points (for a total of 25) of additional activities.
      2. Completion of Level 3 earns you a $120 cash incentive. You may have this money put into your paycheck (taxable), or have it put into an FSA or HSA (tax free).
      3. To see ways to earn additional points, click HERE
    5. Track your activities/points.
      1. Download the Wellness Activities Tracking Worksheet (available under Forms & Documents at the bottom of this page).
      2. Fill out the Tracking Worksheet as you complete activities so you can go back and enter them in the Online Points Tracker (see Step 5 below).
      3. PLEASE NOTE: The Tracking Worksheet will not suffice as proof of activity completion. You MUST complete Step 5 below.
    6. Enter your points in the online Points Tracker.
      1. Points for any activities on the Points Distribution list completed through AZBlue.com will be automatically added.
      2. Complete an affidavit for completed activities that are not on AZBlue.com.
        1. This is an honor system.
        2. It is the employee's responsibility to enter completed activities.
      3. Human Resources will not be tracking points. We recommend printing your HealthyBlue Home Page, showing your completed points by May 31, 2015.
      4. For Instructions on how to enter points click HERE.

Monthly Bulletins

Forms & Documents

PACE - Physically Active City Employees

Log your physical activity and once you have logged 6+ hours in a month, you are eligible to receive a point for the NAPEBT Wellness Program (complete an online affidavit to receive your point). Any activity listed on the Activity Guide counts towards PACE activity. Register online and download the Activity Log and Activity Guide, then get active! There is no cost to join PACE. There is no limit to the number of times you can join, and you can earn a NAPEBT Wellness Program point each time you complete at lest 6 hours in a month.
Activity Guide

Tracking Log

Click HERE to see Opportunities to Earn Points!

Streamed Presentations

We are able to stream some presentations so those that are unable to attend still have the opportunity to view the presentation and earn NAPEBT Wellness Points. This does not include online presentations through Health Matters at Work or AZBlue.com. These are presentations that were streamed live at City Hall. Please visit the link above or www.azblue.com for online presentations.