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Health Screenings & NAPEBT Incentive

Your Health

in Your Hands

Watch This Video About The NAPEBT Wellness Program

Watch this! BE INSPIRED!!


The Wellness Program lets you participate at the level of your choosing!!  Complete Level 1 and earn $10 off per month of your medical premium. Complete Level 2 and earn and additional $10 off per month for a total of $20 off your medical premium.
Complete Level 3 and earn $120 cash back!!


1. Register
We have a brand new wellness portal! Create a new username and password on the new wellness portal website. www.mywellsite.com/NAPEBT. We WILL NOT be using azblue.com for wellness.

2. Health Risk Assessment & Biometric Screening
Complete the Health Risk Assessment (HRA). This is a short questionnaire to help you identify your current state of health. You will need to enter your biometric screening results into your HRA to complete it. This is worth 7 points and is the only required part of the program. You may enter your biometric screening results at a later date. You may earn wellness points before your HRA is complete but the points will NOT SHOW on the portal until the HRA is complete.

3. Earn Points by May 15th
You can earn wellness points in a variety of ways. By simply attending employer hosted wellness events or receiving your annual wellness check up at our Vera clinic, your points will automatically post to your wellness account!  You are also able to self enter preventative screenings and community events worth points.

For questions or alternatives to the wellness program contact Katie Wittekind, Wellness Manager at (928) 679-7176 or by email at .


Level 1 - 7 points - Health Risk Assessment & Biometric Screening. $120/yr discount on your monthly medical premium.

Level 2 - 15 points - Earn 8 points in addition to completing Level 1. $240/yr discount on your monthly medical premium.

Level 3 - 25 points - Earn 10 points in addition to completing Level 1 & 2.  #120 cash incentive.  Add to your paycheck, which is taxable.  OR, add to your HSA or FSA which is tax free.

TOTAL: 25 Points - $360/yr total incentive. $240 discount on your medical insurance rate plus $120 cash incentive = $360 total incentive.


1. Vera Clinic
The Vera Clinic is only for employees and dependents on the NAPEBT medical plan. For more information or to schedule an appointment go to www.verawholehealth.com/NAPEBT or call (928) 774-3985.

2. Onsite Screening
Vera provides onsite screenings for your convenience. Schedule an appointment on the wellness portal: www.mywellsite.com/NAPEBT

3. Primary Care Physician (PCP)
You may see your PCP for your biometric screening. You can use the form available on the wellness portal to make sure you get all the information you need.


HRA & Biometric: This is the only required piece of the program. This must be completed to earn any incentive. = 7 Points
Preventative Screenings: Annual Exam, Well Woman/Well Man, Dental Cleaning (2 Max), Vision Exam, Mammogram/Prostate Exam, Colonoscopy, Skin/Bone Screening, Flu Vaccine, Disease Management Check Ups. = 4 Points Each

Classes & Events: Lunch & Learns, Nutrition Classes, Mindfulness Classes, Employer Hosted Events, Healthy Living Classes (6 pts), Living Lean Classes (6 pts), Ashline (6 pts). = 1 - 6 Points Each.

Physical Activity Tracker: 360 minutes of activity = 1 points.  This breaks down to 30 minutes of activity for 12 days a month.  All physical activity is counted this way, there are no longer different points for things such as the Aerobic Winter Challenge, Poker Run, etc.

Challenges: Chug a Jug, Sugar Challenge, Sleep Challenge, Walking Challenge and MORE!

Vera Health Coaching: Intro to Coaching = 4 Points. 6 Coaching Sessions = 6 Points.

Online Learning: Watch the online videos on the new wellness portal on various topics. 1 Point Each.  Online Stop Stress Class = 6 points.

Social: Connect with a health buddy online (1 points each, 2 points max).

Wellness Champions: 8 points

There are some wellness points that automatically post to your wellness account. Others will need to be self entered. Visit the wellness portal for more information: www.mywellsite.com/NAPEBT.

1. Annual exam, flu shot, intro to health coaching, 6 sessions of health coaching at VERA.
2. Employer hosted wellness classes. *Ex: lunch and learns, nutrition class, mindfulness.
3. Physical activity points if you connect your wearable fitness tracker to the wellness portal.
4. Online learning classes, buddies, and wellness champions.
5. Challenges

1. Preventative screenings, annual exam, flu shots NOT completed at VERA.
2. Community events worth points like Healthy Living, Living Lean, Ashline.
3. Physical activity will be manually entered into the tracker if you do not have a wearable tracking device that connects to the wellness portal.
NOTE: All events and classes that are physical DO NOT count for points individually. Time spend being active must be entered into the activity tracker. Ex: Aerobic Winter Challenge, Yoga, Tai Chi, Poker Run.


How do I sign up for the wellness program?  If you are a first time participant go to the wellness portal at: www.mywellsite.com/NAPEBT and click on Sign Up.  Create a username and password. You will have access to the portal when your benefits are active.

I forgot my username and password.  You can reset your password online. If you have difficulties contact the wellness manager at (9928) 679-7176.

Is participation in the Wellness Program required?  NO. Participation is optional. However, by participating you are eligible to receive incentive up to $360.

Are part-time employees and spouses able to participate in the Wellness Program?  All employees, spouses, and dependents 18 years and older are able to participate in our free wellness classes and events. However, only employees on the NAPEBT medical plan are eligible to receive financial incentives and use the clinic.

I lost my biometric screening results I got from an onsite screening. How do I get another copy?  Just call the Vera Clinic at (928) 774-3985.

Can you earl wellness points by going to the Vera Clinic?  Yes. You can earn 4 points for completing your annual exam, 4 points for meeting with a health coach for 15 minutes, 7 points for completing your biometric screening and entering your information into the online HRA, and up to 6 points for doing 6 sessions with a health coach.  Add in a flu shot and you have your 25 points.  These points will automatically appear on your wellness portal.

I am a new hire. Can I count doctor visits and screenings I did before my hire date?  Yes. Any preventative screenings your completed after June 1st can be entered. All points must be entered by May 15th to receive incentives.

What paperwork do I need to provide to show I went to my dentist or doctor?  None. You just need the date and name of the provider to fill out an online form.

Are the online videos on azblue.com still worth wellness points?  No. The new portal has videos worth points.

Does my employer have all my medical information? Can this information be used against me for my employment or healthcare coverage?  NO and NO!!  Your employer is provided with depersonalized medical information used to understand what major health risks are of a general employee population.  Your employer DOES NOT have your personal information in relation to claims, health risks, or health costs. Read the notice on the wellness portal for more information on how your information is used.


Streamed Presentations

We are able to stream some presentations so those that are unable to attend still have the opportunity to view the presentation and earn NAPEBT Wellness Points. This does not include online presentations through Health Matters at Work or AZBlue.com. These are presentations that were streamed live at City Hall.