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Flagstaff Fire Department Hiring Process
OverviewFlagstaff Fire Department Logo
Flagstaff Fire Department is NOT currently accepting applications for the position of firefighter.

Please read the qualifications, timeliness and testing requirements below. To find out more information call the job line at (928) 213-2090 or visit job openings.

Part of the hiring process is testing. There are three initial tests, and applicants must pass each before moving on to the next. Testing procedures include:
  • General entry-level written exam
  • Physical agility test
  • Oral interview
  • Once complete with initial testing, applicants are placed on an eligibility list for a final interview with Fire Command Staff personnel. As openings occur, candidates are selected from the eligibility list for further testing. These tests include: Psychological testing
  • Drug Screen
  • Background investigation
  • The final step is a medical examination and drug test. Upon selection, employee will attend a nine week session at the Firefighter Academy. Starting salary is $38,134.39 (2006-2007 budget).
  • Residential requirements. All "emergency service employees" are required to live within 35 miles eastbound, westbound or southbound on the I-17 corridor. Exceptions may apply.