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Industrial Waste
Back Flow Prevention-Cross Connection Control Program
James Boyer
Industrial Waste Supervisor

211 W. Aspen
Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Ph: (928) 213-2117
Fax: (928) 226-4852

Flagstaff's water distribution system is designed to keep the water flowing from the distribution system to you, the customer. However, when hydraulic conditions within the system deviate from "normal" conditions, water flow can be reversed. When this backflow happens, contaminated water from homes or businesses can enter the water distribution system. The Cross-Connection Control Program is in place to prevent contamination by backflow. Learn more...

Pretreatment Program
The Industrial Waste Program provides monitoring, permitting and reporting of industrial and commercial wastewater discharges into the City of Flagstaff sewer system to assure compliance with Local, State and Federal mandated pretreatment regulations and to prevent failure at the City's
wastewater treatment plants. Read on...