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Personnel Changes
For any of the following, a completed Personnel Change Request (including signatures) must be submitted to Human Resources.  In addition, a  Job Analysis Questionnaire or Zone Change Form will be required, depending on the change being requested.

  • Reclassification - An individual within a classification is evaluated in regard to moving that person away from others in the same classification to a higher (or lower) classification
  • Rerange - A classification in a given pay range is evaluated in regard to moving that position classification to a higher (or lower) pay range. This affects all employees in the classification, including single incumbent classifications
  • Reorganization - Restructures an entire program, section, or division
  • Rezone - An individual within a broadband may be moved to a higher-level zone within the broadband based on the employee’s performance
  • Retitle - A job title is evaluated in regard to changing the job title only
  • Addition of Position - Adding a new FTE
  • Change in number of hours - Changing the number of hours associated with an FTE
  • Change to or addition of Assignment Pay - Changing the number of slots associated with a type of assignment pay or adding a new type of assignment pay

Completed Zone Change Checklists