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Monthly Sales Tax Statistics
Business Activity Reports
Please follow the link below to view Business Activity Report for a specific month. These reports are based on the reported sales tax inforamtion and will continue to change as delinquent reports for the month are received.

March 2013
February 2013 
January 2013
December 2012
November 2012
October 2012

City of Flagstaff now compiles revenue information for the month in which the City receives the tax revenue. For example, report for the month of May 2013 shows amounts that the City received as tax revenue in May 2013, which is mainly from the business activity that occured in April 2013. This information may also include tax revenue received for business activity of any prior periods that were reported and paid late in May 2013.

February 2014 Revenue Report
January 2014 Revenue Report
December 2013 Revenue Report
November 2013 Revenue Report
October 2013 Revenue Report
September 2013 Revenue Report
August 2013 Revenue Report
July 2013 Revenue Report
June 2013 Revenue Report
May 2013 Revenue Report
April 2013 Revenue Report
March 2013 Revenue Report
February 2013 Revenue Report
January 2013 Revenue Report
December 2012 Revenue Report
November 2012 Revenue Report
October 2012 Revenue Report