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Graffiti Busters
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The City of Flagstaff Graffiti Busters Volunteer Program, along with the Flagstaff Police Department, neighborhood groups and many other civic and volunteer organizations are working to eradicate graffiti within the City of Flagstaff. There is much research to show that graffiti removed within 24 to 48 hours of its appearance is less likely to be re-applied in the same location.  

  • Support and maintain a clean graffiti-free community
  • Enhance Flagstaff’s quality of life by reducing graffiti
  • Reduce economic and social impact of graffiti on our neighborhoods  

How Can I Help?
Volunteer to help with the Graffiti Busters Volunteer Program, we would love your help! Due to training, the use of chemicals and operating a city vehicle, we are looking for volunteers wanting a more long-term volunteer opportunity. 

Fill out the online form here or print out the form here.

Permission to Enter Property*
Grant the City of Flagstaff and the Graffiti Busters Volunteers permission to enter onto your property for the purpose of graffiti eradication. 

Fill out the online form here or print out the form here.

Report Graffiti
Report graffiti in your neighborhood for abatement by the Graffiti Busters program volunteers!
Volunteers are able to abate graffiti on city property as well as private property with the owner's permission. There are some surface types we may not be able to remove graffiti from, and if private property owner consent is not given we cannot abate the graffiti. Please only report graffiti that is within the city limits of Flagstaff. 

Fill out the online report here or print out the report here.

*This does not give the City of Flagstaff or any Graffiti Buster Volunteer(s) the right to enter any structure.