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Flagstaff Regional Plan 2030 - Ratified May 20, 2014
Regional Plan Cover
This website includes the complete adopted version of the plan, the process that was used to develop the plan and earlier drafts, answers to frequently asked questions, and staff contacts. 

Proposed Regional Plan Amendments
P&Z Work Session - 4/22/15

City planning staff will be presenting to the Planning & Zoning Commission next  on the need for various Regional Plan amendments. During this past year of using the Regional Plan in development and policy review, text and map clarifications and corrections were identified by city staff. 

The work session will be held next Wednesday, April 22 in the Staff Conference Room at City Hall (second floor) at 4 PM. Staff will be seeking feedback and direction from the Commission on the proposed amendments to the Regional Plan. A task list of proposed is available within the staff report provided below. The amendments will also be incorporated into the Regional Plan annual report, which will be produced and presented to the City Council in May 2015.

FRP2030 Proposed Amendments Staff Report

For more information about the proposed amendments or the upcoming Regional Plan annual report please contact Sara Dechter, AICP Comprehensive Planning Manager at .


Regional Plan Implementation

City staff can explain how their various projects help implement the Regional Plan by using the Goals & Policies Desk Guide for City Council staff summaries. To help with this, we have developed a "cheat sheet" with topic-specific lists of all goals and policies in the plan.

*The old Regional Land Use and Transportation Plan 2001 (RLUTP) is available here.
This document is no longer active and has been replaced by the Flagstaff Regional Plan 2030.