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Charter Review Committee
General Overview
The Charter Review Committee is a committee appointed by the City Manager and consists of nine citizen members.  A charter is a document that has been voted on by a majority of the voters of a city, and any amendments to it must also be approved by the voters.  A charter outlines the city's governmental structure, identifies jurisdiction and provides enabling authority for self rule, understanding that some authority may be superseded by State or Federal Constitutions and/or legislation.

The scope of the Charter Review Committee will be to:

  • Review the City Charter for possible amendments
  • Review amendments proposed by staff and public
  • Compile recommended amendments and forward to the City Manager for his review and consideration.  The City Manager's recommendations, along with those of the Committee, will be forwarded to the City Council.  The City Council will determine which recommendations will ultimately be placed on the May 19, 2015 Special Election ballot for voter approval.


 -Roger Boone  -Eric Otenyo
 -Jill Briggs  -Mike Sistak
 -Becky Daggett  -Mitch Strohman
 -Richard Kersey  -William Tippett
 -Richard Mihalik  -Jim Wine

Staff Contact:    Jerene Watson, Deputy City Manager - 928-213-2073

Contact the Committee:
If you would like to contact the committee please click here.