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Downloading the Zoning Code

The 2015 Zoning Code Amendments were approved by Council on February 16, 2016, with an effective date of March 17, 2016.

Table of Contents

Provides a list of all contents of the new Zoning Code, including Chapters, Divisions, Maps and Appendices.

Provides an introduction to the Zoning Code, steps for Using the Zoning Code, an overview of Form-based Codes and Transects, and a short history of Zoning Regulations in Flagstaff.

Chapter 10-10: Intent and Applicability
Included Divisions:  Title; Legislative Intent and Purpose; Authority; Disclaimer of Liability and Severability; Effective Date

Chapter 10-20: Administration, Procedures and Enforcement
Included Divisions:  Purpose; Administration; Common Procedures; Permits and Approvals; Amendments to the Zoning Code Text and the Zoning Map; Nonconforming Provisions; Variances; Procedures for Appeals; Annexations; Assurance of Performance for Construction; Enforcement 

Chapter 10-30:  General to All
Included Divisions:  10-30.10 (Purpose); 10-30.20 (Affordable Housing); 10-30.30 (Heritage Preservation); 10-30.40 (Community Benefit Program); 10-30.50 (Public Improvements); 10-30.60 (Site Planning Design Standards); 10-30.70 (Sustainability); 10-30.80 (Traditional Neighborhood Community Plans)   

Chapter 10-40:  Specific to Zones
Part 1: 
Divisions:10-40.20 (Establishment and Designation of Zones); 10-40.30 (Non-Transect Zones); and 10-40.40 (Transect Zones)
Part 2: Divisions:10-40.50 (Overlay Zones); and 10-40.60 (Specific to Uses)

Chapter 10-50:  Supplemental to Zones    
Part 1: Divisions 10-50.10 (Purpose and Introduction); 10-50.20 (Architectural Standards); 10-50.30 (Building Height Standards); 10-50.40 (Encroachments); 10-50.50 (Fences and Screening Standards); and 10-50.60 (Landscaping Standards)
Part 2: Divisions 10-50.70 (Outdoor Lighting Standards);
10-50.80 (Parking Standards); and 10-50.90 (Resource Protection Standards)
Part 3: Division 10-50.100 (Sign Standards)
Part 4: Divisions 10-50.110 (Specific to Building Types); and 10-50.120 (Specific to Private Frontage Types)  

Chapter 10-60: Specific to Thoroughfares
Included Division: Thoroughfare Types

Chapter 10-70: Specific to Civic Spaces
Included Division: Civic Space Types

Chapter 10-80: Definitions of Terms and Uses
Included Divisions: Purpose; Definition of Specialized Terms, Phrases, and Building Functions

Chapter 10-90: Maps
Includes: Cultural Resource Sensitivity Map; Flagstaff Southside Historic District Map; Flagstaff Townsite Historic Residential District Map; North End Historic Residential District Map; Railroad Addition Historic District Map; Airport Avigation Area Map; Airport Overlay Zone Map; Downtown Historic District Overlay Zone Map; Flagstaff Central District Map; Resource Protection Overlay Zone Map; Townsite Overlay Zone MapSign Free Zones Map; Lighting Zone Map; Rural Floodplain Map 

Zoning Map
Please view the City of Flagstaff Zoning Map and Zoning Overlay Map. These maps are available in either a poster format or as an 11" x 17" map book in which each map covers a small section of the City in more detail. This will make it easy to see how the zones are applied parcel by parcel.

1.1 Design Guidelines; 1.2 Additional Information on Smart Growth and Traditional Neighborhood Development; 1.3 Sustainability Guidelines
2 Planning Fee Schedule
3 Landscape Plant List
4 Outdoor Lighting Reference Materials
5 Additional Information Applicable to Division 10-50.90 (Resource Protection Standards)
6 Additional Information on Affordable Housing
7 List of Major Arterial Streets