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Pending Requests for City Council Reports (CCRs)
Updated 10-17-2016                                                     
Information on City's ability to require panhandlers to have a business license and pay city sales tax. (Legal Opinion) Also requested that the explanation be shared with the general public. Completion date pending.

Low Impact Development (LID) - Quantitative analysis on what the 1st retention has done since it's implementation in 2011.  Completion date pending.

Update/status report on the work of the Streelighting Enhancing Dark Skies (SLEDS) committee - Completion date pending

Re-Zoning/Sign Codes Regarding Donation Bins Include Legislation Examples
- Completion date pending

City Website ADA Accessibility Information - Completion date pending

Educational Outreach Budget Propositions 411 and Propositions 412 - Completion date pending 

Tequila Sunrise Report - Completion date pending