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Current Amendments
Current Minor Plan Amendment - Chapter 3 Revision

City planning staff identified the need for clarifications and revisions to the Plan’s Chapter 3 – How This Plan Works. Specifically, revisions are required for a table used to determine if an application requires a major or minor plan amendment. A lack of clarity at the beginning of the application process can lead to wasted resources and confusion for staff and the applicant, so a clear delineation of this table is critical for City staff, customers and the public. This proposed minor amendment to the Flagstaff Regional Plan is the second proposed by the Planning staff, since ratification of the Plan in May 2014. A major amendment to the Plan’s Map 25 Road Network Illustration and related text in the Transportation and Land Use chapters was completed in Fall 2015. 
Public Hearing Draft

The public review period ended April 15, 2016, and the Planning and Zoning Commission has recommended adoption of these plan amendments to the City Council.  City Council hearings on the Chapter 3 amendment have begun and the staff reports, presentations, and discussion can be reviewed at: http://flagstaffaz.swagit.com/play/08302016-715

The Public Hearing will begin on Tuesday, September 6th and will likely be continued to a date certain.  Check back to this website for updates.

Planning and Zoning Commission Materials

Citizen's Review Session
Want to get caught up before the City Council Meeting? You can review the presentation at the Citizen's Review Session through the City's streaming service.

To be added to a Flagstaff Regional Plan notification email list, or for more information on current plan amendments, contact Sara Dechter, the City’s Comprehensive Planning Manager at: or (928) 213-2631.

Need a Replacement Page Packet?
Many pages of the Regional Plan changed since it was adopted in 2014 due to plan amendments. Please insert this replacement packet into your Plan if you have an original printed copy.