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2015 Rate Study Information
Rate Study Presentations
2015 Willdan Rate Study Analysis
There are few things as essential as water and sewer service and it is vitally important that community members are informed and have the opportunity to share their ideas. The City of Flagstaff is reaching out to the community about the future of our water, sewer, reclaimed water and stormwater utility systems.

Click here to examine the 2015 Utilities Rate Study prepared for the City by Willdan Financial Services.

The City of Flagstaff Water Commission, as a part of the Public Outreach, reviews the findings of the Rate and Fee study in advance of City Council review. The 7 member citizen based advisory group met and provided their recommendations to utilities staff for ongoing operations and maintenance, and pipe replacements of Flagstaff's water, sewer, reclaimed water and stormwater systems.

Click on the links below for previous Rates Study Public Presentations in PDF format that you may download to review.

May take several minutes to download. These files are compatible with Adobe 6.0 or newer - please email if you are having trouble downloading

Water System Master Plan CIP List
Sewer System master Plan CIP List
Rate Study Capital Improvement Projects

1-15-2015 Water Commission - Utility Revenue Requirements
4-16-2015 Water Commission - Capacity Fees Presentation
5-21-2015 Water Commission - Rates Presentation
6-18-2015 Water Commission Rate Options
07-16-2015 Water Commission Recomendations  

Summary Overview Presentation to Stakeholders

2015 Proposed Schedule for Rate Study, Notice of Intent, Public Hearings and Adoption of Rate Adjustments
All dates below are subject to change, please check Council Agendas on the City's website. 

April 2014
Selection of Rate Consultant-Willdan Financial Services
Sept-Oct 2014 Willdan conducted Rate Analysis-Revenue Requirements
Nov-Dec 2014
Willdan conducted Rate Analysis-Capacity Fee Analysis
Jan-July 2015 Willdan and Staff Presentations to Water Commission
July 16 2015
Willdan's Final report completed and presented to the Water Commission.
Final Report available with City Clerk and online.
July-Sept 2015 
Staff led Public Presentations on proposed Rates and Capacity fees adjustments to various Stakeholder groups. 
Aug  2015 Council asked to adopt a Notice of Intention to increase water, reclaimed water, wastewater and stormwater rates as proposed by Willdan Financial Services.
This action does not bind City council to approve any future rate adjustments but rather starts the required timeline for public input and discussion.
October 2015
Public Hearing on October 6, 2015 at 6:00 p.m to receive public input concerning a proposal to increase water, reclaim water, wastewater and stormwater rates.
October/November 2015
February 2016
Additional City Council Public Hearings on proposed rates.
April 2016 Final Reading of the Ordinance & Resolution to Adopt Rate Adjustments to City Council.

2015-2017 Council Goals related to the future of Flagstaff's Water, Sewer, Stormwater and Reclaimed Water services.

1. Ensure Flagstaff has a long term water supply for current and future needs
2. Provide sustainable infrastructure systems in efficient and effective manner to serve all population areas and demographics.
3. Address key issues and processes related to the implementation of the Regional Plan.
4. Maintain fiscal health and long-term stability.

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