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2015 Willdan Rate Study Analysis

Click here to download a copy of the Water, Sewer and Stormwater Rate and Capacity Fee Study prepared for the City by Willdan Financial Services.

Reliable Infrastructure = Reliable Service

Willdan Rate StudyThe Utilities Division engaged a consultant to prepare a Rate Study and a comprehensive financial plan in order to determine the adequacy of the existing rates to fund operating and capital expenses of the water, sewer, reclaimed water, and stormwater funds. The above study revealed the need for adjustments in water, sewer, reclaimed water and stormwater rates to keep up with inflation and increased capital improvement costs associated with aging infrastructure, treatment plant upgrades and upsizing of stormwater infrastructure. Willdan proposes a 4.4% annual revenue increase for water, 7% annual revenue increase for sewer, and a 6% annual increase for stormwater over the next 5 years. Reclaimed water rates require further review by Council and are to remain constant for the next fiscal year.

The approved 2016 rate increases will provide funding for resources needed to invest in rehabilitation and replacement of the pipes, treatment plants, pumps, reservoirs, and wells that ensure reliable delivery of the city's drinking water. The 2016 rates increase roughly translates into a monthly increase of $3.09 for the average water customer. With the new rates in place, the average single-family residential water customer will pay $30.30 per month, and the average single-family residential sewer customer will pay $17.58 per month. These rates are still among the lowest in the nation. Below is a summary of the proposed Water rate adjustments and chart comparisons with local and regional utilities with similar size systems and resource characteristics.

2016 Utility Rates

Final Water Rates Fixed Ordinance 2016-23_thumb.jpg

Final Water Rates Commodity Ordinance 2016-23_thumb.jpg 
Proposed Sewer Rates Option 2 7pct_thumb.jpg

Proposed Stormwater Option 2-Ordinance_thumb.jpg

How do we compare? For the average residential customer using less than 4000 gallons of water per month, this equates to $3.09 per month increase or approximately $37 per year in the total utility bill. 

AVG Monthly Bill Ordinance 2016-23_thumb.jpg
Water Rate Comparisons_thumb.jpg

Sewer Rate Comparisons_thumb.jpg

Annual Household Water Bills_thumb_thumb.jpg

Local Comparison

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