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Utilities Master Plan
Utilities Master Plan
Flagstaff Master Plan
Ryan Roberts P.E., Engineering Manager


211 West Aspen Ave
Flagstaff, AZ  86001
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Monday - Friday
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The purpose of the overall master plan is to provide the City’s Utilities Division guidance for long-term planning, quantify the needs of water resources and determine the necessary water, wastewater and reclaimed water infrastructure needed over time.The Utilities Integrated Master Plan(UIMP) is a comprehensive study of the city's water resources, production, storage, treatment, and water, wastewater, and reclaimed water infrastructure systems and will be used to guide future utility decisions. Completion of the 2015 Master Plan represents a major milestone for the Utilities Division. The plan:
  • updates the 1996 Water Master Plan, general planning information and population projections;
  • incorporates the 2014 Flagstaff Regional Plan and 2011 Water Resources Plan;
  • consolidates and prioritizes capital improvements identified in the water, wastewaterand reclaimed water utility component plans; and
  • assembles all of the previously separate condition assesments and facilities plans for different aspects of the city's utility system.

Staff worked with several outside consulting experts to independently evaluate the existing water, sewer, reclaimed water and Controls systems to provide recommendations regarding how the city should prepare for the future. The UIMP includes a review of applicable laws and regulations, planning assumptions, water use, finances, organizational structure and workforce. It also prioritizes capital improvement projects and updates the 10 year Capital Improvement Program. The updated UIMP includes hydraulic distribution system modeling, determines the hydraulic and treatment capacity of the water and wastewater treatment plants, identifies deficiencies in treatment and delivery systems, estimates and ranks capital needs, and prepares a master plan document that fits the city's uniform master plan criteria.

The City's UIMP is comprised of five primary chapters. The first chapter provides a summary and discussion of water resources and water production in Flagstaff. Chapters 2 through 4 describe the existing water, wastewater and reclaimed water infrastructure systems. Chapter 5 provides a summary of Water Policies adopted by City Council in 2013. UIMP also conforms to the city's regional plan model and Priority-based Budgeting process, and combines all of the separate utility component plans within one document.

Water Resources Master Plan

Water Infrastructure Master Plan

Reclaimed Water System Master Plan
To be completed

Water Policies Master Plan

Water Master Plan -Capital Improvements List

Sewer Master Plan -Capital Improvements List