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Annual Pipeline Replacement

  2014 Turqoise Main Repair                 

Annual Water and Sewer Line Replacement Program (Ongoing)

In 2011, the City of Flagstaff Water began implementing a water and sewer main replacement and rehabilitation program. The City of Flagstaff’s Water Main Replacement Program is designed to replace and rehabilitate aged and deteriorating water mains throughout the city. Many of the pipes in the system were installed in the early 1900s and are small in comparison to modern standards in water mains. The small size and age of the pipes, coupled with corrosion and sediment accumulation over the years, has affected the flow rate and quality of water in our community.

The program consists of annual projects that replace or rehabilitate pipe that has exceeded the useful service life, improve available fire flows, remove corrosion by-products from the inside of the pipe improving water quality and reduce the potential for creation of biofilms and bacteriological activity that can impair the quality of potable water. The objective is to replace pipe when the condition warrants replacement or to clean and line unlined cast iron pipe, provided the pipe is in sound condition. Also, when the pipe is replaced, the replacement of appurtenances, such as valves, fire hydrants and house service lines in public space are included in this project.

The locations where water main and sewer main replacement work is to be performed are determined based upon an evaluation using water main break data, maintenance repair information provided by operations' staff, GIS data (diameter, install date, material, etc.), hydraulic model results, and existing street pavement condition assessments.  The evaluation criteria helps accurately prioritize candidates for main replacement within the City in an effort to avoid multiple pavement cuts. The City's goal is to replace 2.5 miles of water main and 1 mile of sewer main each year. 

Replacing water and sewer mains is necessary business. If your house was built prior to 1950, chances are we will come to your neighborhood.