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Strategic Plan

Goal 1:  High level of professional maintenance services

Objective 1:  Staff development and expertise


* Develop skills database (FY15).

* Complete staff training as needed via training DVDs, courses, and hands-on cross training.   Provide computer training for all staff (FY15). 

* Develop Job standard operating procedures and Safety standard operating procedures (FY18).  

Objective 2:  Innovative processes, methods, and procedures maximizing efficiencies & effectiveness.


* Finalize and implement zone dispatching system (FY15).

* Evaluate and develop a zone inventory system (FY16).  

* Develop proactive/planned preventive maintenance services in all areas/disciplines (FY19).  


Objective 3: Utilization of modern equipment, materials, and tool technologies.


* Develop new tool and equipment research and evaluation system (FY16).

* Develop new materials and new methods research and evaluation system (FY17). 

* Complete full attendance of trade shows, seminars, and tool training by all Facilities staff  (FY19).

 Goal 2:  High level of customer satisfaction

Objective 1:  High level of communication. 


* Develop a system that provides job information to our customers (FY16).

* Develop a system that improves job scheduling (FY16).  

* Develop a system that provides full job information including job follow-ups (FY20). 

* Develop a process that ensures safety controls on all jobs (FY20).  

Objective 2:  High level of quality work.


* Develop and implement a job inspection and review system (FY15).

* Develop a process to eliminate job callbacks (FY16).  

* Develop a system that improves section cost effectiveness by improving job planning, materials planning, and labor planning (FY20). 

Objective 3:  Expanded services in types of work and service hours.


* Evaluate service hours and implement viable options (FY17).

* Evaluate contracting services and implement viable options (FY18).  

* Evaluate service portfolio and implement viable options (FY20).