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Pretreatment Program
Pretreatment Program / Industrial Waste Program
The Industrial Waste Program provides monitoring, permitting and reporting of industrial and commercial wastewater discharges into the City of Flagstaff sewer system to assure compliance with Local, State and Federally mandated pretreatment regulations and to prevent failure at the City’s water reclamation plants (wastewater treatment plants).

For information on the program, please contact the Industrial Waste Supervisor at (928) 213-2117, or the Industrial Waste Inspector at (928) 213-2119, or  Industrial Waste Inspector at (928) 213-2118.

Septage, Grease and River Can Haulers
The Wildcat Hill Water Reclamation Plant accepts grease and septage loads during specific times during the work week. Learn more by downloading our information sheet for haulers, including those that carry septage, grease and river can materials for disposal to the plant. Haulers can also download an application to bring these types of materials to the plant. Grease haulers can view a map of the county showing the areas grease can be taken from for disposal at the Wildcat Hill Water Reclamation Plant grease disposal area. Please call the Wildcat Hill Water Reclamation Plant at (928) 526-2520 if you still have any questions after reviewing the information sheet, map and/or application.

Drying Beds for Car Wash Mudsump Wastes 
The Wildcat Hill Water Reclamation Plant accepts car wash interceptor wastewater and solids as well as laundry lint interceptor waste at the drying beds. Interceptors must be inspected by the Industrial Waste Program personnel prior to having the material pumped out to insure it is acceptable for disposal. Contact James Boyer in the Industrial Waste Program at (928) 213-2117 to schedule an inspection. If the material is acceptable for disposal at the Wildcat Hill Water Reclamation Plant, the Industrial Waste Program will generate an acceptance letter. This letter will be given to the hauler and/or the business owner so they can submit it to the staff at the Wildcat Hill WRP when the material is brought in for disposal. No waste can be accepted without the inspection and approval letter.

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