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Municipal Court Election Information

Courthouse Final Logo_thumb_thumb_thumb.jpg Proposition 412 - Municipal Court Bond Issue:

 The Municipal Court Bond Issue will appear in the City’s General Election and Bond Authorization Special Election      held on Tuesday, November 8, 2016. Proposition 412 will allow the City of Flagstaff to sell and issue general  obligation bonds up to $12 million to provide a facility to house the Flagstaff Municipal Court, Flagstaff City
 Attorney’s Prosecution Division and a parking garage. The current plans are to create a joint facility with Coconino  County on the site of the old jail (currently vacant) in downtown Flagstaff, with a parking garage nearby. The
 location would be adjacent to the historical jail and county courthouse, both of which would be preserved in the  process of constructing the project. The bonds are proposed to be paid by an extension of the secondary property
 tax rate. If approved, the extension would keep the rate at the current level so residents would not see an increase,  nor would they see a decrease.

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Deliberate the Facts and Judge the Need at our Open Houses & Events:

  •     Friday, October 7 at 6:00pm at the Flagstaff Municipal Courthouse (15 N. Beaver) - First Friday Artwalk 
  •     Wednesday, October 12 at 3:30pm at the East Flagstaff Community Library (3000 N. Fourth St., Suite 5) 
  •     Monday, October 17 at 5pm at the Flagstaff Aquaplex (1702 N. Fourth St.) 
  •     Tuesday, October 25 at 3:30pm at City Hall (211 W. Aspen Ave.) 
  •     Friday, November 4 at 6pm at at the Flagstaff Municipal Courthouse (15 N. Beaver) - First Friday Artwalk

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Critical Needs for Court Operations:

City and Court officials have been working to reduce the cost as well as find potential partnerships. However, the challenges at the existing location (15 N. Beaver Street) remain:

  • Existing facility is 85 years old, reaching end of life and is not structurally viable for future needs
  • Inadequate security, courtrooms, client conference areas and jury assembly areas
  • No prisoner holding
  • The existing Municipal Court facility is too small for current or future Court operations
  • Current facilities at both the County and the City lack adequate parking

  New Courthouse_thumb.jpg
Proposed Court Location_thumb.jpg
Location (211 N. Agassiz St.)
Corner of old Jail Picture_thumb.png

Key Points Regarding the Proposition:

  • There will be no change to the existing secondary property tax rate should this project be approved by the voters
  • Only a portion of the funding for this project is through the bond, additional funds will be supplied through Court fees, real estate sales and other funds as well as by Coconino County for their portion of the project. The total project cost is estimated to be $40 million. The overall City funding commitment to this project is $21.5 million
  • Space will be provided for the City of Flagstaff Prosecutor’s Office
  • Not only will adequate parking for all entities will be provided, it will add to the overall parking availability in the downtown area
  • Current and future needs can be met in this joint effort, efficiencies are created through shared spaces for jurors, the public, staff training, security and prisoner transport and holding
  • Site of the current court will become available for private redevelopment, thus adding to sales and property tax revenue

FAQs Regarding the Proposition:

  1. What is the cost? The City commitment to the project is estimated to be $21.5 million. Up to $12 million will be funded through the bond, with the remaining balance paid through court fees, real estate sales and other funds, along with the county contribution to the project. The estimate interest on the Bond would be approximately $5 million for a total principal and interest of $17,733,038. 
  2. How much additional parking would be provided in the downtown area? The current proposal would call for a minimum of 200 additional parking spaces in a proposed parking garage.
  3. Where would the project be located? The proposal is to locate the Project at the site of the old jail in downtown Flagstaff. The location would be adjacent to the historical jail and the historical country courthouse, both of which would be preserved. The address is 211 N. Agassiz St.