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High Occupancy Housing Plan
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What is High Occupancy Housing?

High Occupancy Housing (HOH) is generally buildings that house more than 75 persons per acre or have more than 30 units per acre in dormitory or apartment-style units.  Due to a combination of pent up demand, constrained supply and the 2011 changes to the Zoning Code to promote mixed use development, interest in large multi-family housing projects has grown. The Village at Aspen Place (601 E Piccadilly Dr) is the first example of high occupancy housing built in the City.

Student Housing Action Plan

The basis for the work on High Occupancy Housing comes from the Student Housing Action Plan External Work Group. "Develop a specific plan for high occupancy housing that implements Policy NH.1.7. Develop appropriate programs and tools to ensure the appropriate placement, design, and operation of new student housing developments consistent with neighborhood character and scale." Their recommendations can be found here.

How can I get involved?
Get more information on past public involvement on the project archive page.

Surveys and Open House
Have you subscribed to the Flagstaff Community Forum yet? Surveys will be posted on the Flagstaff Community Forum throughout Fall 2016.

An Open House will be scheduled once dates can be finalized. The project team is working on presentations and posters to give in-depth information about the issues rarised at the community cafes. The purpose of this meeting will be to share the findings harvested from the cafes, to share information about how other communities are tackling similar issues, and to discuss the breadth and form of the policy work.

Future Opportunities
After the public meetings scheduled for this summer, City staff will convene a focus group to give feedback on proposed changes early in the process. In the winter there will be collaborative workshops that allow the public to actively participate in the content of the plan. Finally there will be a public review prior to beginning public hearings that will allow the City's boards and commissions and the community to provide comments ahead of staff submitting a final draft to the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council.

The infographic below illustrates some of the elements that must come together for the project to precede. More details can be found in the projects Public Participation Plan. Staff welcomes feedback on the proposed process.  Like all complex projects, the content of these strategic documents is flexible and may be changed to meet the challenges that arise.

HOH process diagram

Contact Us
If you have questions or concerns or would like to be added to our mailing list, please call Sara Dechter, Comprehensive Planning Manager at (928)213-2631 or email her at .