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In 2015 the Utilities Division partnered with the Salt River Project to provide ongoing operations and maintenance and data collection for the six (6) Flowtography sites within the 4FRI (Four Forests Restoration Initiative) area of the Upper Lake Mary Watershed. Flowtography consists of a game camera mounted in a tree that takes one photo every 15 minutes of a graduated rebar stake in the center of a channel. The channel has been surveyed for slope, cross-sectional area, and roughness such that flow can be calculated using Manning’s equation. The height of water on the stream gage is recorded off of photographs taken during flow events. The flow record will be used as baseline data to compare with flow data collected after forest treatments. These data will help to answer the question of how or if forest treatment and maintenance effects surface water runoff into Upper Lake Mary. The six sites were installed in November 2014. One additional site is scheduled to be installed at the Newman Canyon USGS gage site and one at Upper Lake Mary to monitor water levels.

Watch how Flagstaff uses Flowtography to preserve the water supply or click here to read an article about flowtography from the Daily Sun

LM 3L_thumb_thumb.png
March 2, 201

LM 3L Hydrograph_thumb_thumb_thumb_thumb.png
February to March, 2015

LM 2_thumb_thumb_thumb_thumb.png
March 12, 2015

LM 2 Hydrograph_thumb_thumb.png
February to March, 2015