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Visit the NAPEBT Wellness Program Website HERE

Vera Whole Health Clinic - Click
HERE to Visit the Vera Website
Vera Whole Health is an independent primary care health clinic, and a new, additional benefit available to employees, spouses and dependents (age 3 and up) of the Northern Arizona Public Employees Benefit Trust (NAPEBT), which includes the City of Flagstaff, Coconino County, Coconino Community College, Coconino Accomodation School District, Flagstaff Unified School District, and the Northern Arizona Intergovernmental Public Transportation Authority.

Wellness Screening

Visit the Vera Clinic for a free wellness screening.  Available to all benefit eligible employees covered on the NAPEBT plan and their covered dependents.

Flu Shots
Flu Shots are given free of charge each year at the Vera Clinic, Annual Health Fair, or a certain onsite screenings.

Mobile on-site mammography (MOM) is at select locations annually, offering free mammograms to all Blue Cross / Blue Shield participants (retirees, members and dependents,) and members of other select carriers. Recommended baseline for women age 35 to 40, and annually after age 40. Patients under age 30 must provide a doctor's referral.

Repetitive Motion Therapy
Free, professional, 15-minute, upper-body repetitive motion therapy is offered to employees, in an effort to prevent repetitive motion injuries. View the RMT calendar to see when therapy is available at your location. The repetitive motion sessions are for those employees who have previous, current, or are susceptible to a repetitive motion injury.

  • All employees with current workman's compensation claims or claims closed for less than one year have first priority when scheduling an appointment.
  • Employees with current workman's compensation claims who do not follow their prescribed course of treatments will not have priority when scheduling an appointment.
  • All other employees who are susceptible to a repetitive motion therapy are eligible for one therapy session per week.
  • Division and Department Heads are eligible for a Repetitive Motion Therapy session.

To find out who the contact person is to make appointments for a specific location, please call Human Resources at (928) 213-2090.

Tobacco Cessation Reimbursement
This program is designed to encourage and support employees who wish to cease use of tobacco products by reimbursing employees for tobacco cessation products and programs. This effort is in support of the City’s Smoke Free Air Ordinance and the City’s dedication to encouraging healthy lifestyle choices for all employees.

Short Term Disability
Short term disability coverage is available for benefit-eligible employees as a partial replacement of income in the event that he/she cannot work due to a personal illness or injury.

Employee Assistance Program
The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers six free counseling sessions to employees and their families per year. Additional sessions may be covered through the City’s health insurance. The City of Flagstaff’s EAP provider, Flagstaff Counseling Center, can be reached at (928) 774-6364.

Mediation & Alternative Dispute Resolution
Flagstaff Child and Family Counseling also offers mediation and alternative dispute resolution. This service is provided for City of Flagstaff employees who would like assistance in resolving issues.