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Other Benefits
Deferred Compensation
Benefit eligible employees may elect to contribute to either of two 457 Deferred Compensation retirement plans through payroll deduction, subject to an annual maximum. The plan is a supplement to the retirement plan provided by Arizona State Retirement System and Public Safety Personnel Retirement System.

Contributions are made through convenient payroll deductions, so your taxes are reduced each pay period. Our plan allows you to increase, decrease, stop and restart contributions as often as you wish, without fees or penalties, subject to the employer's approval.

If you are age 50 or older, or within three years of your normal retirement age and already contributing the maximum to the plan, you are allowed to make additional "catch-up" contributions.

The deferred compensation plan is portable. If you change jobs, you can consolidate your savings in another public sector employer's 457 plan, a qualified 401(k) or a 403(b) annuity plan, or a traditional IRA. If you retire or leave service, there is no penalty for withdrawals.

The City currently offers two deferred compensation plans through the following companies:
    Stephanie Downes - Retirement Plans Specialist
    1 (877) 439-1144
  • ING
    Kaity Wigman - Financial Representative
    (928) 853-0940

The representatives are on-site at City Hall occasionally for individual appointments with employees and retirees. Human Resources sends out announcements when appointments are available. Employees are encouraged to contact the representatives at any time with questions about your account, or to obtain information that may assist you in making decisions about your investments.

Short Term Disability

Short term disability coverage is available for benefit-eligible employees as a partial replacement of income in the event that he/she cannot work due to a personal illness or injury.

United Way
The United Way is a nonprofit organization that provides broad-based support to the citizens of Flagstaff to address a wide range of needs. The United Way has demonstrated its ability to minimize administrative costs and to disburse a high percentage of the contributions it receives to the intended recipients. Because of these factors, the City has designated United Way as the sole organization to solicit payroll contributions from City employees for other nonprofit organizations. Employees can make contributions to United Way through convenient Payroll Deductions. Contribution cards are distributed to all employees annually, or employees can contact Payroll at (928) 213-2211 for more information on setting up contributions.

Tuition Reimbursement
All tenured and exempt employees who have worked for the City for a period of one continuous year (excluding temporary service) are eligible for tuition reimbursement. Employees may be reimbursed 100% of eligible tuition fees up to 12 credit hours per calendar year, provided the employee receives a grade of "B" or better in the class, for coursework through an accredited college or university (including online coursework.) For more information, see the Continuing Education and Tuition Reimbursement Policy. A Tuition Reimbursement Form is required.