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Water Quality
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The City of Flagstaff Utilities Division publishes information about drinking water quality annually.  An electronic copy can also be downloaded below.  Printed copies can be obtained at the downtown public library Information Desk and at the Utilities Division office on the second floor of City Hall located at 211 West Aspen Avenue. Questions about water quality may be addressed to the Lake Mary Water Treatment Plant by telephone at (928) 774-0262.

Reports for Viewing

Compounds of Emerging Concern
An emerging topic in the water industry is the recent (last 10 years or so) detection of "compounds of emerging concern," or CECs. CECs are detected at very low concentrations and are unregulated by federal and state water quality agencies. CECs include pharmaceuticals and personal care products that turn up in any water supplies where these products are applied or consumed. Previous City Manager, Kevin Burke, recognizing the importance of water to the future of our community, organized an Advisory Panel of 12 local, state and nationally recognized researchers, scientists and industry professionals to help understand what CECs mean locally. The City's CEC website is here. The website contains information about public meetings on this topic, staff or panel reports on CECs, and reports to City Council on CECs. Additionally, the Water Research Foundation has published several information pieces to communicate on this topic, based on their research. We've chosen to share several of these below. For more information visit the Water Research Foundation's website.

Protecting Our Drinking Water — a narrated animation that provides context about emerging contaminants in drinking water. This video is available for utilities to link to or to post on their own websites.

WRF Information Sheet on pharmaceuticals and personal care products in water supplies, by Dr. Shane Snyder. Dr. Snyder is a member on the City Manager's Advisory Panel.