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Campaign Finance Reporting Forms
Flagstaff City Clerk

City of Flagstaff
211 W Aspen Ave.
Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Ph: (928) 213-2076
Campaign finance laws are complex and highly technical. As in past elections, City staff cannot interpret campaign finance law for candidates. Candidates/committees are responsible for reading and understanding campaign finance laws. For a legal interpretation of campaign finance law, and to insure compliance with state law, candidates/committees may wish to consult with an attorney. If you are interested in running for election, please schedule an appointment ahead of time to pick up a candidate packet. Official candidate packets containing campaign finance information and forms are available to be picked at the office of the Flagstaff City Clerk.

Required Documents
The committee treasurer (or the candidate, if the treasurer is unavailable) must sign each report listed below.
For convenience, we’re providing you with the following links to access campaign finance forms. These documents, however, don’t constitute the entirety, or even the majority of a candidate packet.

Campaign Finance Handbook

A Handbook has been developed by the League of Arizona Cities and Towns to help candidates/committees better understand the Campaign Finance statutes.

Political Committee Statement of Organization
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  • Any candidate receiving contributions or making expenditures totaling more than $500 in connection with a campaign for public office must designate, in writing, a political committee to serve as the candidate's campaign committee by completing a Political Committee Statement of Organization within five days of receiving such contributions or making such expenditures.
  • Political committees are required to file an amended statement of organization within five days of a change of information contained on the form.
  • If a political committee does not anticipate spending or collecting $250 or more during the election period, it need not file at all; however, documentation should be maintained in the event that the committee reaches this limit.

$500 Threshold Exemption Statement
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  • If a political committee does not anticipate spending or collecting $500 during the election period, a $500 Threshold Exemption Statement may be filed.
  • Upon filing the statement, the political committee will not be required to file any additional campaign finance reports. However, if the committee's expenditures or contributions exceed $500, all required campaign finance reports must be filed with the City Clerk within five business days.

No Activity Statement
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  • If a political committee receives no contributions and makes no expenditures during a period in which it is required to file a campaign finance report, the committee treasurer or candidate may, in lieu of filing a report, sign and file a Political Committee No Activity Statement.

Annual No Activity Statement
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  • Only candidate committees are eligible to file an Annual No Activity Statement.
  • All other political committees are required to file routine campaign finance reports.
  • The Annual No Activity statement must be filed prior to January 31 for the election year.
  • The statement identifies that a candidate does not expect to receive or expend any funds during the entire election year.
  • In the event a contribution or expenditure is made during an active election year, automatic reporting requirements are triggered and the candidate must file the appropriate campaign finance report by the filing deadline.
Campaign Finance Report - Cover Sheet
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  • All active political committees are required to file a report, unless an Annual No Activity Statement has been filed by a candidate committee.
  • A No Activity Statement may be filed in lieu of this report, as indicated above.
Campaign Finance Report - Detail Sheets (for all reports)
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  • These are the detail pages that are to be attached to any Campaign Finance Report Cover Sheet, other than a No Activity Report.

Termination Statement
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  • This form is used when a committee no longer has any outstanding debt and has disposed of outstanding funds in accordance with A.R.S. 16-915.01.