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Heritage Preservation
Program Description
The goal of the Heritage Preservation Program is to implement the public policy for the preservation of the historic environment of Flagstaff, the work of this program includes historic property inventories, landmark and historic district formation and maintenance, design review, and impact analysis. In addition, the work of this program includes Section 106 reviews for all projects of the federal government, including projects licensed or funded by the federal government. Program staff works with the State Historic Preservation Office and the Heritage Preservation Commission on heritage preservation efforts.

Heritage Preservation Programs

Historic District Design Review
Projects in the local historic districts are reviewed by the Heritage Preservation Commission for consistency with the established guidelines for each district. The Commission meets monthly and this review can be accomplished while other City reviews are taking place. On smaller conforming projects, including signs, consent approval is granted by the Historic Preservation Officer.

Historic Facades & Signs Grant Program
The Flagstaff City Council established this grant program to assist in the preservation of historically important properties within the community. Grants are approved by the Commission for reservation, restoration, reconstruction, or rehabilitation of historic properties. The work must meet the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties and eligible work must have a public benefit, such as being visible from a public right-of-way. It has been used for the treatment of porches, store fronts, historic signage, cornices, windows, and roofing.

Heritage Preservation Projects

Cultural Resource Sensitivity Mapping
A variety of heritage and cultural resources, such as Historic Route 66 alignments, logging railroads, and archeological resources are being mapped for use in long-range planning and development review. Such maps have varying degrees of specificity so as not to disclose the locations of protected resources.

Landmarks Design Review Overlay District
The Heritage Preservation Commission is actively seeking properties that can be placed in this new floating historic district. The district provides local recognition and affords preservation of historic properties according to established regulations. Only historic properties with willing property owners are eligible. At present, the Commission is working primarily with City-owned historic properties, though several willing private properties are included. This is expected to be a multi-year project with eight to twelve properties being included each year.

Route 66 Motels
Working from the National Park Service recognition of Flagstaff’s historic Route 66 motels, a citizen volunteer group and CD&R staff are conducting public outreach to motel owners and citizens. John Grahme has prepared this presentation (Courtesy of John DeGraff) that uses historic postcards and current photographs to tell the story. To have some fun, look for what is common in many of these photographs.

Route 66 Preservation Project at EFTI
This project involves the preservation of a 700 foot long stretch of historic Route 66 near the Country Club Road intersection. In addition to preserving the road and adding interpretive elements, the project will beautify the area with landscaping and add a rest stop to the Flagstaff Urban Trail that has already been constructed to use the old road bed as a part of the trail system.

Southside National Register Historic District
After several years of work by the City, the State Historic Sites Review Committee has placed the Southside district on the Arizona Register of Historic Places and is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is a good representation of the growth and development of Flagstaff, particularly after the turn of the century, and its association with the lumber and sheep industries is well illustrated by the fact that the majority of the labor force for both industries resided in the district. The district is noteworthy as the best representation of the ethnic diversity that evolved in Flagstaff from the early twentieth century through the 1940's. This designation has enabled all of the contributing properties eligible for tax incentives, grants, and exemptions from certain development restrictions.

Heritage Preservation Document Center